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That is the funniest signature ever. Serious respect to you but the whole Chronic Fatigue thing obviously affected your Dad's brain - he is quite clearly mad, 5am what the hell!
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Wanna hear some things that bug me?

1. Skiing with most people. So I try to avoid it. Most people do things that annoy me, so I tend to ski alone. If a person can keep up with me, great I love having their company. The only time I like to have a person with me is when I am on unfamiliar mountains. I am scared I could get hurt and not be found.

2.I don't think cell phones really bother me all that much. What bugs me more is the moronic conversations between other people in the line, then I have to listen to both idiots speak. With cell phones you only are forced to hear the one person.

3.What bugs me, but shouldn't, is beginners who are of older age, young kids don't bug me. It doesn't bother me because they aren't good. It just makes me feel sad for them that they look so dumb. Especially when their poorly chosen outfit of jeans and a faded sweatshirt is soaked through.

4.ewww another thing that really gets to me is when you are on the lift looking down at the people below and you hear some guy trying to help their wife learn to ski, when they in fact don't know how. They make comments such as, "Thats it honey, make sure you skid your tails like that! And make sure to lean backwards!"

5. Now this is THE single most annoying thing for me, EVER! I will share a little story to demonstrate. This happened last year before I graduated from highschool. I was skiing at the local mountain (by myself of course) when I heard some guys I knew from school talking about going over to ski on the Backside (a out of bounds run that rules on powder days.) Now I love the run, but won't ski it alone because its pretty remote. So I asked the guys if I could join them. Now they all know I can ski good, but for some reason because I am a girl had this idea that I wouldn't keep up. So I got a responses like, "Wellll yeah sure. you ever been on it? its pretty tough. its a long hike." And I had been on it a lot, and I knew it was a long hike. So after a few minutes of them acting like chauvanistic pigs I finally just got annoyed with them and said, "yeah, okay nevermind. Ya know, my knee is hurting anyways, I probably shouldn't hike on it."

That is the attitude alot of the guys at my local resort (Beaver Mountain) have. I went skiing at Alta last winter for the first time, and that cemented my decision to work and live there next season. I was single and rode up the lift with some guy. Turned out he worked there and said he loved it. He asked me if I wanted to ski with him. The thing I loved was that instead of continually looking back to see if I was still there he just skied, having confidence that I could keep up. He didn't treat me like a baby, and he didn't act like I couldn't ski just because I was a girl. I don't know if everyone at Alta has that attitude, but I hope so.
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Originally posted by gonzostrike:

2) I don't want this site to have "something for everyone." That hasn't been its historic purpose and it's only the recent immigrants (since Spring 2002) who have insisted on making this The Dating Game and The "Look at Me" Show. The feigned insults and pretense at hurt feelings are ludicrous . I think the complainers are the "children" Bob Barnes referenced, and I agree with him as fully as one can agree.

This site was much more interesting when all non-skiing topics were discussed in the Off-Season Sports board. I hate the idea that our most recent immigrants feel the Forums should change to suit THEM, rather than the established folks whose contributions, knowledge, wit, and (yes indeed!) IRRITABILITY allowed the site to continue while the immigrants were busy playing in other Internet Water Cooler sites.

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None of this is real.
None of the people are real.
We all exist to entertain Gonzo.

Idiots-- 1,000,000,000,000,


At least we are keeping you amused.
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Here's another thing that bugs me: Numbers.
Bonni put in the number:
Now, that used to be known as a billion, i.e. a million million, whereas:
1,000,000,000, which used to be a thousand million, is now called a billion.
Actually, here's how it used to go:
10 - Ten
100 - One Hundred
1,000 - One Thousand
so 10,000 could be broken down to 10 + 000, i.e. Ten Thousand
100,000 = One Hundred Thousand
1,000,000 = One Million
10,000,000 = Ten Million (10 + 000,000)
100,000,000 = One Hundred Million
1,000,000,000 = One Thousand Million
10,000,000,000 = Ten Thousand Million
100,000,000,000 = One Hundred Thousand Million
1,000,000,000,000 = One Billion
There was a pattern. But what happened? When did a billion drop to One Thousandth of it's original value?

I'm confused.
It bugs me being confused.

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The ruler is right.

It might be time to shut this thing down. Glad I was able to help a few, me too, vent.

Turns are getting closer...
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ummm, this thread is called "Stuff that Bugs Me."

fat lazy people who don't exercise but then display their fatness in tight ski clothing? they bug me, endlessly. it's an aesthetic assault and battery, thank you very little.

off-track? not even.

Kima -- whatever. Take your estrus and ride it home. I guess you think that your emboldened quoted text somehow reveals something about my duplicity. Sorry, you're wrong. Saddle up.

Bonni -- I truly feel sorry for you, with your Cult of Victimhood.

Loke -- whatever. I know a scam when I see it. You probably think Chiropractors and Phrenologists are superior to MDs, too... eh?

ruler -- yes, your name fits.

AC/DC -- if you want to shut this down, I won't cry or complain.
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gonzo is in fine form and represents the homeland well.
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your response patterns are, as always, interesting tracking. It is your consistency that sets you apart. Now, I haven't seen this before but only because I have stopped following your posts as religiously as I once did. However, on this page alone you seem to equate women expressing opinions - expressing, generally? - with hormonal tides, rather than, say, some inherent capacity for independent thought, quite apart from internal chemistry.
would this be a fair assessment, or am i also pretending to know (while really only wondering) "your heart and mind," etc.
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Remember "Dallas", the evening TV soap opera? Remember JR Ewing, the man you loved to hate? Remember Larry Hagman who played JR and how he was nothing like the character he played?

It's SHOWTIME! Gonzo is BAITING you guys! And he's GOOD at it! A veritable MASTER!!!
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yeah, poor us, just not getting it. our collectiveness dimness, i guess. sigh...
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Please, Oboe, not another JR...

You are saying that the Gonzo on EpicSki is like a character in a fictional TV meolodrama? I find that news a bit unsettling, because while I don't go by nolo in real life, we embody the same flesh, express the same thoughts, etc. You are saying that Gonzo's persona is not that closely connected to his real person?

Why would anyone go to the trouble to invent an alter ego for the Web and have it express thoughts that the owner doesn't share? Try as I might, I can't imagine a harmless motivation for doing so.

Open dialogue depends on trust. Why would I want to engage in thought-sharing with someone I
distrust? Who, in fact, tells me I am a sucker if I do trust what he says?

Why would someone want to engender distrust on a discussion site? Please enlighten me, because I don't see the reward.
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...awaiting unique spin...
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Posted by gonzostrike November 14, 2000 06:16 PM:
I am a Christian
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oboe, couldn't help but notice how "BAITING" and "MASTER" are in caps. (i'm a tad on the slow side today.)
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nolo - it's not a "created persona," it's an aspect of my thoughts on internet fora and the way people interpret anonymous posts. By "anonymous" I mean that you have nothing from which to judge the poster, other than what he/she posts. In a personal conversation, I believe that I could explain it better.

If you think there's something wrong with my having a covert strategy for posting in the manner I do, I'm sorry. I can't explain it any better than to ask you why you keep asking about the "future" of skiing, when none of us knows what that "future" holds, and when some of us don't think that your vision of that "future" is the best one. I may disagree with you on that topic, but it doesn't mean I question your motives or suspect flaws in your psyche or personality.

ryan - no "spin" involved here. I'm sorry if you don't believe that I have a strategy, or if you don't understand the strategy. My strategy probably is irrelevant to most of the people on this Board -- or, at least, if I explained it, they would probably think the impact upon each individual would be irrelevant. Maybe I'm Don Quixote, who knows? /// Also, the perception that I criticize women for independent thought is preposterous. That sounds like projection to me. I absolutely ADORE intelligent, independent women.

miles - that statement indeed was true when I made it. I would not say the same today. To explain -- I don't believe that a person should discount another perspective without first being the person for whom that perspective is the TRUTH. Hence I say I'm a "truth-seeker." I was very curious about Christians and my perceptoin that they all were judgmental, unforgiving, psychologically damaged, and generally too conservative to find Rush Limbaugh agreeable or humorous. So I became a Christian, with all my mind, heart and soul. At the end of 2.5 years, I realized that I still disagreed with many of its fundamental tenets. I am NOT a Christian today (apologies to Bertrand Russell).
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Originally posted by ryan:
oboe, couldn't help but notice how "BAITING" and "MASTER" are in caps. (i'm a tad on the slow side today.)
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gonzo, you still didn't say if your coming to Utah this year or not. Whats up with that? Its starting to bug me.

[ August 22, 2002, 11:15 AM: Message edited by: AltaSkier ]
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A billion lost one-thousandths of its value the instant my networth reached a thousand. So now I'm in the red again!
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So you're a MASTER BAITER, according to Sancho Panza. Okay. I like a trope as much as the next dope.

So the bait you've cut for me is the future which I envision and not everyone shares. Hmmm. Provocative, alluring, positively tantalizing as your offering is, I have no ax to grind with that statement. In fact, I agree with you and could cite numerous recent factual examples to bolster your argument.

I am not a stranger to failed and/or lonely vision, Gonzo. I take heart from numerous examples of persistent visionaries, such as Arthur Young, whose Bell helicopter took 19 years to fly right. I just got my 20 year pin from PSIA yesterday, which proves only that I am a bit slow.
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It's SHOWTIME! Gonzo is BAITING you guys!
Yes Oboe, I seem to recall in some long ago thread Gonzo's claiming that he sometimes argued with folks here on Epic simply for the sake of excercise, enjoyment, or something to the effect. It was clear early on where he was going with his comments.
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The Trojans bug me. Big time. Can't STAND 'em.
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You make me laugh eternally... all I can say is, keep up the good work, it's almost as funny as Ren & Stimpy.

Until the medical community is in FULL AGREEMENT....I stand by my point.
Yeah, right! YOU KNOW that that will NEVER happen! Maybe when rats can fly or lawers become ethical.
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Please, Oboe, not another JR...

did you mean the character in William Gaddis's book of the same name? gosh, I'm flattered!

Originally posted by nolo:
Gonzo, So the bait you've cut for me is the future which I envision and not everyone shares. Hmmm. P
No, that's not any type of bait, that's just the issue that you talk about and I part company on. Many of my posts are fully sincere and have no covert mission. When I talk about the "future" of skiing, I am almost always fully sincere. On that issue, I am the anti-Naisbitt, the anti-Babbitt. And I agree with Yoda -- you don't go into ski instruction and coaching to get rich, because it's never been such a vehicle. As to your other comments, I almost always enjoy them and ALWAYS find them thought-provoking. I guess I have a soft spot for Socratic dialogue.

Aaahhh Rat, isn't it more fun when you don't read PERSONAL ATTACK into each of my posts?

[ August 22, 2002, 01:23 PM: Message edited by: gonzostrike ]
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The Trojans bug me. Big time. Can't STAND 'em.
Come on, Ryan! College football season starts TONIGHT.

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Aaahhh Rat, isn't it more fun when you don't read PERSONAL ATTACK into each of my posts?
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Originally posted by BadRat:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr /> Aaahhh Rat, isn't it more fun when you don't read PERSONAL ATTACK into each of my posts?
No.</font>[/quote]Typical californicator. Please don't move to Montana to create your own version of "heaven," we don't need it.
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EDIT edit EDIT edit EDIT edit EDIT edit EDIT edit EDIT edit EDIT. edit.

[ August 22, 2002, 01:55 PM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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Originally posted by gonzostrike:
Typical californicator. Please don't move to Montana to create your own version of "heaven," we don't need it.
This coming from the guy who transplanted from Boston. :

And spare me the comments about me defending someone I happen to know. I think you're a tool no matter who I do or don't know.
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Nolo, Congrats on the 20 Pin! That's something to
really be proud of.
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