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Stuff that bugs me

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Yeah, even though I'm skiing, stuff bugs me. Here we go.

1) Cell phones.
This is my #1 complaint. I ski at the Big Show - lotsa cell phone idiots.

Now I understand, that people need to communicate - it's my business fer cryin out loud.

But you don't need to stand in the lift line, talking crapola. Talking about your stocks, your business, your girlfriend, your shrink, whatever. It's nothing but noise to me. You wanna talk crapola? Fine. Do it where no one can hear you.

And, what is about people that want to do business while skiing? And, why is it that they feel the need to take business calls while skiing?

I will admit to being a cell phone nerd. But, I gave it up after looking at everyone else and figuring out that I look as stupid as they do. So I quit. I turn my phone to vibrate and I will check vmail while sitting on the can - but I only return my wifes calls. Anyone else, can wait until I get back to the car.

Then, what about the dork who's skiing along, talking on the phone - I just want to ring his neck. Or, what about the dorks who have the wire going to their ear. I just want to ask them, "Hey man. Do you work for the friggin CIA?"

Can we all make a pledge? Next time you see someone on the phone, throw a snowball at them.

2) People who want to ski in a group, but don't know how.

Oz knows about this one. Last year, him and I hooked up with HealPusher. We're skiing along and all the sudden HealPusher takes off into the trees. We spent the next 20 minutes trying to get connected again - a big, waste, of time.

3) Wasting time.
This year I'm not skiing with HealPusher because I figured out that I spent most of my day, either trying to find him, or waiting for him. The guy gives me nothing but aingst and I'm done with him.

I don't mind skiing with slower folks, in fact it's a thing I need to get better at this year. But there's a limit. If I'm spending too much time either standing or waiting, I'm outta here.

SnoKarver is famous for this. The guy can't dink with his music while he's on the chair. He has to get off the chair, then dink with his music.

And how come people can't put their poles on while on the chair. Why on earth, do they wait till they get off the chair to put them on?

Same with skiers who dink with their boots. Sorry. If your boots don't fit right, find somebody else to ski with. I'm not going to stand around all day, waiting for you to get your boots right.

4) Arguing over where to ski.
Ever ski with someone and find that you spend the whole day talking about which run to ski next? Oh man, this kills me.

I'm not very organized when I ski. Unless I have a particular run to ski or chair I need to get to, I just get off the chair and let my skis fall down hill. Wherever I end up, is where I end up.

5) Dorks.
I've told this story before, but last year at the Big Show, I was skiing down to Blue Sky via the catwalk.

I started skiing on one foot and the people who were skiing behind me had a cow. This lady is behind me, yelling "You're making me nervous. Quit doing that." No kidding. This lady, wins Dork of the Year, hands down.

Dorks are a big problem for me. So much, that I'm thinking of getting "Dork" cards printed and handing them out to offenders. If I see a Dork offense, I'll simply walk up to them, hand them a card that might read like this, and walk away.

"You are being given this card because you have committed the ominous crime of being a Dork.

"What is a Dork you ask? Someone who's so offensive, that all they do is take up space on the hill. Common definitions are; jerk, ahole, butthead, or any other word that describes people like you, who most likely were cloned, or scraped off of pond scum.

"You should quit skiing. Because all you are is a big pain in the ass. You are a miserable person, and you infect everyone in your path. Go away.

"Please don't come back to hill until you fix your personality.

Skiers against Dorks.

6) People who show up lite at apres ski or who want to check the computer - to make sure it didn't make a mistake adding up the bill.

So there's a bunch of people, having drinks. Then the bill comes. Oh my god, it's the bill. There's always the few that want to deduct some because they only had 5 french fries. Or, they add up what they ate and drank and don't figure the tax.

Then, what about the ones who have never waited tables and think it's ok to leave the waitron a lousy tip? The bastards want to calculate the tip without the tax. Hey folks. If the bill is $50.29 with tax, you owe the waitron at least $7.54 (15%).

It always amazes me. I'm skiing with people who claim to be smart (college degrees), yet they can't even calculate the tip.


Oh, I could go on, but this is what comes to mind. Anyone else?

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Someone's low on the herbal remedy.

But it's a helluva read.
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res ipsa loquitur
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This may be one that I agree totally (%100) with SCSA.

You pretty much nailed a bunch on my peeves. I think I'm gonna enjoy skiing with you sometime. Get off the chair and go, meet me at the lift. Better make it quick. Afternoon is a different story.

It really ticks me off when somebody gets to the end of the run, unbuckles their boots, then stops just after getting off the lift to buckle them back up. Thats like stopping to read a mall map at the end of the escalator, people are gonna keep coming. You boots don't fit.

Oh yea, I think you would get killed at Alta for talking on a cell.
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Hey there - my husband's two choices are:
1. Take work calls on the cell when on the lift (at Alta, of course).
2. Don't ski at all.

Sorry if it pisses you off - get over it. I want to ski with my husband. Yes talking WHILE skiing is ridiculous - I've never even seen that. But people talking loudly to their friends can be just as annoying as people talking on the phone in line - I don't get the difference.

What in the hell takes so long to buckle your boots? I just discussed this in another thread, but it helps keep my feet warm when I can move them freely on the lift. And yes my boots fit - they've been professionally fitted, footbeds, etc. - I just get cold hands and feet no matter what! It takes half a second to rebuckle them and I can do it while moving - I'm somehow still the one always waiting for everyone else.

I don't wait for people either, unless I'm in a REALLY nice mood.
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I'm sorry to hear so many things bother SCSA about skiing at resorts. It would suck to have to feel that annoyed everytime I went skiing. My buddies and I all have the 5 minute rule. If your not at the lift in five minutes we get in line. There is two types of skiing I do, social skiing and hardcore. If I go socially I know in advance it's going to be about hanging with friends and having a good time socially. Hardcore skiing, I have little time for social gatherings or waiting for someone to tighten up and I have a few specific friends that I hardcore ski with that are the same way. If I am not in the mood to go socially but need the ride, then I tell them I will see them at such and such place at this time. Then I am off. Every once in a while I let what other people do piss me off but you know what .... it's none of my business if someone wants to chat on their cell phone. Or just be stupid in general. Then I pray to the lord above that no one at anytime anywhere is thinking the very same thing about me. Because I can bet that I have been standing behind you thinking this guys an idiot and you the same with me. It's funny how everyone complains about"people" when nobody admits to being those people. Why let what people do bother me it wastes my day unless it affects me directly like people who hang out or ski under jumps.

*1st edit...I did have to edit this by saying that getting the tab with everyone on it always causes problems and not just at the slopes. Being a server you'd be amazed at how many people are poor tippers. I argue with certain people in my group all the time about that. I just avoid going out with them to eat. Or get seperate checks.

* 2nd edit... I didn't take into consideration though that not everyone can ski 100-150 times a year. I can go skiing and know that tomorrow I can ski they way i want to. So it's easy for me to be patient with people. It may be different if I could only ski a limited number of times a season.

You can't expect to ski extreme and come out with make-up on
Hopefully this helps SCSA have a better time when he goes skiing next time.

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My #1 People who whine and complain.
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some of the above - i generally HATE to wait but i TRY to be a good soul about it. (doesn't always work.)(but if you know you're going skiing with a group, GETCHO SHEE-AT TOGETHER.)

cigarettes. now that bugs the hell out of me. fits - for me - into that "what's wrong with this picture" category. and if you're in a lift line, you're outdoors (unless you're skiing with fox in the dome), so the complaint would be (arguably) unjustified. and yes, i have moved back in line to get away from it.
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I agree ryan ... I smoke but never in the line and even if I am on the lift I make sure the chair behind me is empty other wise I go to a more secluded place to puff one. I generally smoke about a pack 1/2 a day but skiing .... down to 1/2 a pack a day. going to quit this year ...yea right! Courtesy is my bag baby even if it isn't returned. I am from the old school ladys first and I say "excuse me" or "I'm sorry" or when I'm in line for a jump the guy that was there before me with his hand up goes next not me. If someone drops something or loses a ski I stop and bring it to them if I can checking if their alright. Those are just some little every day skiing things that make a good day at the resort. Unless I am backcountry skiing then I have to ski with many other people why not make it enjoyable.

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Originally posted by Sugar_Snack:
res ipsa loquitur
Is this Latin for-

"perhaps Heal-Pusher was trying to lose you?"
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what the hell do you expect to find at Vail or " the beav."?
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I hear your pain SCSA. Most of what you mentioned, I find annoying too. The thing is I usually don't let it get to me until I am about to 'blow up' over it. I wish I could let all that go like some of the others here claim they can.

Away from the slopes, my pet peave is 'call waiting'. It really burns me up when I am talking to someone and they put me on hold for an extended length of time to take another call. --I have decided that I am willing to tolerate 20 seconds. Any longer than that and I have to wonder if the person I was talking to considers me to be important enough to them to have been talking to them in the first place.(So I just hang up.)
I have friends who have a real problem with trying to talk to everyone they know at the same time. ..I don't buy in to that. ---It is just like inviting someone into your home and then deciding you have to go finish your house cleaning before you can sit down and visit with them!!!
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SCSA & Ryan,
I'm right with you guys on this one.
Actually, to be more precise, I'm about 100 yards up the piste from you slowly making my way down to you, but, please be patient, I'm doing my best...

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When skiing the North East one runs into many what I would classify as S.P.O.R.E.'s (Stupid People On Rental Equiptment). Nothing worse than watching some gaper ski down the freaking parking lot on ski's he either got from the rental shop or his partents just bought him! That bugs the hell out of me. trailside smokers drive me nuts! Absolutley nothing worse than cranking through a trail only to ski though a cloud of cigarette smoke. Finally I can't stand the gapers at the top of a trail just looking and not skiing! They are typically lined up so you almost have to knock someone over to get in.

I don't know if anyone has every skiied Steins Run at Sugarbush but...Funny story. We had a classic rat pack going one day mid winter two years ago. In the pack was John Egan and about 6 or 7 locals who rip. We decided that Steins was perfect for non-stoppers. We started in about 9:30 and got through two. On the approach to the third there were the gapers just starring down the chute which by this point had Volkswagen sized bumps. John leads off and we follow at about 4 foot intervals. He proceeds to squeeze between two people at about mach two and was gone down steins. We all did our best to catch up but the looks on these peoples faces as we all blew through the middle screaming our heads off was freaking priceless. Lesson learned: Get moving or get run over.

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What bugs me?
#1. People just littering with bottles, cans and paper on the slopes.

#2. A snowboarder sitting sideways in a tight chute. Come to think of it, snowboarders blocking any trail sitting sideways.

#3. Not having suspenders when you need them.
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This is a really funny thread [img]smile.gif[/img] . It is hard to believe that skiers pay that much attention to the actions of others.

I can't say about cell phones because I don't own one and have no intention of getting one 'cause I don't need one.

And blasting through people who are contemplating the slope is very bad manners. Though there are always people standing before a drop off, I ski aroud them but never so close that it would frighten them.

But I recognize that people have different temperaments, some get aggravated, some don't. Nothing really aggravates me or Ann or my friends, but that could be because we are old seniors with everyone having skied for more than fifty years and all were instructors or racers, one even an olympian.

In those fields we have had to put up with a lot of idiosynchracies and learned to be patient with folks.

It is never the people to whom your anger is directed who get agitated, it is you.

...Ott, FWIW
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Anyone who needs to eat garlic before riding a gondola is in serious need of people skills. Same with people on the lift line who need to stand on your skis. And if you MUST wipe out, don't take anyone down with you!
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SCSA, I will take the Snowball Pledge, if you will roll down your window so I can throw one into your car while you are driving and phoning!! (my apologies if you don't) And though I rarely use wrist straps, I don't ready my poles in each hand on a lift. Too many times I've popped up getting off a lift to find some "ready" person has placed their pole between my skis or on one skis, though a good whack suffices to help them learn other behavior.
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I hope you don't mind me adding a translation for number 3...
suspenders (US) = braces (UK)
suspenders (UK) = the things ladies use to hold their stockings up with. (stockings being the silk things that ladies wear on their legs)

Now, which one did you mean?

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Originally posted by Lisamarie:
Anyone who needs to eat garlic before riding a gondola is in serious need of people skills.
Or who smells like they haven't showered since the start of the season - or on the opposite extreme the tourist woman wearing half a bottle of perfume. Ugh. Doesn't bother me at all on regular chairs, but the tram can be miserable.
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You ought to take up backcountry skiing. Almost none of these are ever an issue on a backcountry day.


Of course, there's lots of other things that can bug you on a backcountry day, but not these [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Oh, I forgot...

If I whip out my cell phone during the Utah gathering, can I get one of your Dork cards? I have a feeling it could be quite a collector's item one day.


The only thing that *really* bugs me anymore is lift lines. I hate 'em.

Oh, and Christmas shopping.
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Some days nothing bothers me. Other days...

But the one thing that will peeve me up every time is when someone yanks the chairlift safety bar down like there gonna fall of for sure if they don't. And it cracks me on the head. Thank you helmet.
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I thought Andy Rooney retired.
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I agree with most of these points, however I must digress on a few.

Cell Phone Earpieces: I've got one, i use it. I know the studies are inconclusive but if using a headset reduces my chance of brain tumors, then I'm going to take that simple precaution.

Boot Buckling: I guess it's a left over of my racing days but I typically buckle and unbuckle my boots when it's cold. I have poor circulation in my feet and it helps keep 'em warm. It only takes a sec to do and redo and I can usually do it while moving.
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res ipsa loquitur
Translation "Shit Happens" [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] :
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Is this guy serious? It's just skiing. Who cares what anyone else does?
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Juan Pierre makes a biiiiiiig funny!
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When you spend as much time as I do making turns, well, you start to look around.

And then things start to bug me. I mean, if I'm not miserable, I'm not happy.

Oh there's more stuff that bugs me, this is just a start.

Like, what about all the smokers that don't take care of their butts. That really bugs. These bastards are ruining the iona.

It's not the smoke - I actually like the smell of cigs sometimes. And I'm not an anti-smoker nazi either. I smoked for 8 years. But the bastards that flick the butts, oh, they're terrible.

I just looked up "iona". It's tied to some kind of religous crap - so I have the wrong word. Whadda ya expect from a nineth grade education.

The word I'm looking for is Hawaiian, pronounced, "EyeNuh." It means "the land."

Anybody know the correct spelling?

Oh no, I can find stuff that bugs me just about anywhere.

[ August 16, 2002, 10:06 PM: Message edited by: SCSA ]
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I just thought of something else that bugs me.

Slow chair lifts.

Sorry, but in the interests of more vertical, I gotta have high speed quads.
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