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Telluride vs Beaver Creek

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I am currently planning a trip with my boyfriend to go out to CO the week before Christmas. Were unfortunately on somewhat of a budget, but are only wishing to stay two were splurging on location. (I know, Beaver Creek and "budget" are an oxymoron!)

Telluride however, has some really good deals. My question is, is Telluride still a good place? Is the skiing good? Last time I was there I was 4 years old, so I cant remember! Beaver Creek has a special place in my heart, but I havent been there in years either!

I took a long break from skiing and am finally back and skiing at Intermediate Level and training to race, one of my biggest concerns is that my abilities might not be good enough for Telluride's runs!

I have read very little about Telluride, but I want to know from others who have been there, is it great? Or should I just spend the extra on Beaver Creek?

We looked into Snowmass as well but were having some difficulties finding accomodations that would suit us etc., any suggestions there?

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Telluride has plenty of intermediate skiing for intermediates for 2 days and is a very scenic, relaxing place. You would be fine. It will be empty when you are there.

However, where are coming from? T-ride is a helluva long ways from anywhere. Travel times could proove too much.
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We'll be coming from Grand Junction, so its only about 2 hours or least thats what MapQuest tells me!
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I don't know if it's just me, but I've never quite "got" what is so special about Beaver Creek. It's nice, and they've done a very good mini-Whistler village at the base, and it's nice, but...?
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That is a tough one... very tough. I love both places, but they are very different in character.

If anything though, I think I prefer the skiing at Beaver Creek - lots of variety, tough bumps, enough steeps, powder stashes, completely uncrowded midweek. My favourite cruisers of all time - Harrier. I like the fact that there is pretty much nothing I haven't or couldn't ski there. I've never stayed there (family live nearby), but we park at Arrowhead - the ski across to Beaver Creek base is a delight. I love strolling around the village, many may find it characterless but it is clean, pristine and lovely. Plus, the service on the mountain is great, helpful, smiling, friendly staff. Ease of access and facilities in (next door) Avon and Edwards.

Then there's Telluride... good terrain, but I found it a little difficient in 'advanced' runs, there is a lot for the beginner, intermediate and expert, but if you are not quite up to all of Gold Hill, I thought there wasn't a lot of choice. But then there's the town of Telluride, charming, friendly and with a very special unique 'vibe'. All round, it has a lot going for it too.
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Grand Junction - that's a daytrip!

Yeah, I would definitely do Telluride over Beaver Creek. The front face/town side is challenging but Telluride Trail is an easy way down. Also, Lookout is always groomed too. Meanwhile, the Gorrono/Prospect/Mountain Village side is mostly intermediate.

There should be some really good pre-Xmas deals too. I know they sell cheap tickets to local residents - like Montrose. Keep your eye out. You should almost call them and see what deals exist for Western Slope locals before the holidays.
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Aspen is doable from junction.

I would vote for TRide, you can even stay in Montrose, Ridgway or I think, Ouragy, and get half price lift tickets. Figure an hour to Montrose, then 1 to 1 and a half hours to tride, depending on road conditions.

I would consider the whole front face and a fair amount of prospect bowl as advanced. Also, lots of blacks on the back side. plenty of easy blue and greens on the mountain village side - one word of warning - the blues off the main mountain village lift have a tendency to be icy! If so, go over to prospect for nice snow with slightly harder blues and blue-blacks (or however they're signing them).

There are several people from telluride and durango that post here, wait until they post.

As far as getting back to town, take the gondola from the mountain village. It's part of tride's transit system.
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Okay so I am throwing in another variable here...

nix Beaver Creek

Throw in Keystone. I am getting a little bit better deal there than T-ride, but is it worth it?

I am totally picking your brains here, I know. I have actually been to Keystone in the summer, and liked it alot, but know nothing about the skiing.

Thank you all so much.
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I don't care for Keystone. The runs all funnel together, and I fear for my life. The terrain is pretty mediocre as well. There's the Outback and North Peak, but beyond that, not much I'm interested in.

The Beav has much more terrain. And if you want to go further east, go to Vail if only for the amount of terrain.

I'd also second the suggestion about Aspen. There is an incredible variety of terrain there as well.

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Originally Posted by habacomike View Post
I'd also second the suggestion about Aspen. There is an incredible variety of terrain there as well.

I believe Aspen is as close to Junction as is tride. If budget is a concern, stay in Glenwood - that way you can use the hot springs or Yampa steam caves. Snowmass is 10 closer to Glenwood than Aspen proper, and is one the best resorts in the country.
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Don't even think about Keystone that week. Coming from Grand Junction, you would be driving past all the empty places to stand in lift lines.

I think you would love Snowmass, but I would stay in town. The best part of Aspen is just walking around town checking things out, shops, galleries, bars, etc.

Try any of the these Inns,
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Originally Posted by ant View Post
I don't know if it's just me, but I've never quite "got" what is so special about Beaver Creek. It's nice, and they've done a very good mini-Whistler village at the base, and it's nice, but...?
It's the cookies!
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Originally Posted by snowkitten79 View Post
I am currently planning a trip with my boyfriend to go out to CO the week before Christmas. Were unfortunately on somewhat of a budget, but are only wishing to stay two nights...
If you are in Grand Junction, how are you "going out to Colorado"? I do not understand.

Any of the mountains in Colorado are fine for 2 days of intermediate skiing - Keyston to Snowmass to Telluride.

If cash is the supreme concern, stay in a chain hotel (Motel 6, Days Inn, etc) on 70 and ski Keystone for 2 days.

If you are splurging, do you want a manufactured resort - Beaver Creek, Keystone - or an authentic town - Aspen, Telluride?

Make some decisions. And then get back to us.
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You said that you are "going out to Colorado" and then apparently driving from Grand Junction. I would suggest flying to Montrose instead. It should be about the same price. You can then take a shuttle back and forth to Telluride and avoid the need and expense for a rental car. You will not need a car in Telluride. It doesn't matter if you stay in town or the mountain village, you can take the free gondola back and forth between the two.

There is lots of intermediate skiing, and it should be considerably less crowded than Beaver Creek at that time. If you haven't read much about Telluride you should check it out. The pictures alone should make your decision for you.
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Okay, sorry, I have been trying to not bog this down with details, but we are going to visit family in Grand Junction and then going to have our own little vacation.

Shredhead, you actually mentioned something that was worrying me. I was afraid that it would in fact be busy.

T-ride is seeming better all the time. Not going to lie to you all, this trip is definately interested in some excellent skiing as well, but this particular trip is also centered on aesthetics as well, appeal of the town, resort, etc.

I know T-ride is really cool, thats for sure. Keystone was in the mix because that area is neat too. Any suggestions on altitude though? One of my fears is the high altitude might kick my butt.

And to answer your question, authentic is really appealling, but the manufactured are sweet too. (its CO, I get excited about anything there)

Basically, I am now leaning more towards T-ride...but I am trying to make sure that all aspects are going to be as near perfect as I can get them (even though if its not it'll still be awesome, I skiied countless times in the rain last season and had a complete blast)

Keystone pros: not as high an altitude as Telluride, somewhat cheaper
Telluride pros: closer to GJ, not as many people.

Now it comes to deciding which of those is more important to me!
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A view from the gondola at T-ride a week ago. It looks like the pic was taken heading down into town, which is just out of view.
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altitude of base
Keystone 9,166
TRide (town) 8,782

top elevation should be about the same, due to differences in vertical drop

If you go to tride, stay in town, rather than the mountain village - town is the real thing - pretty close to the way it was in the 80's (the 1880's, that is). You ride the gondola to the mountain village side (free if you don't have skis, you will need a lift ticket if you're skiing).

TRide is one of the most awesome town sites you'll ever see - in a box canyon surrounded by 13,000 and 14,000 peaks. As I said before, the first hour of the trip from junction to montrose is easy, with a high speed roadway - 4 lane all the way. Montrose to Ridgway to TRide is two lane, generally weather is not too much a concern between Montrose and Ridgway, then Dallas Divide between Ridgway and TRide can be a little snowy a times - I have never considered it a problem, but most of my trips there have been over Lizard Head pass!

If you have time, there are several hot springs (open to the public) in Ridgway and Ouray. (Ouray is about 7 miles south of Ridgway, it is one of the few towns in Colorado that gives TRide some competition in the scenery contest.)
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The timing of this trip (week before Christmas) strongly argues in favor of Vail/Beaver Creek in terms of snow. By far the most skiable acreage is likely to be there. Keystone makes no sense at all coming from Grand Junction.

No question about Telluride's aesthetic appeal. If that's part of the equation and you'll be happy with some nice quality but not huge quantity of intermediate skiing (probably OK for 2 days) then you should consider it. Gold Hill will rarely be skiable that early, although some of the more consistently pitched runs on Chair 9 will be.
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