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Lake Louise

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Greetings all from Nor*Cal!

I am in search of any information about early season Lake Louise skiing. I am in charge of planning a family Thanksgiving vacation. Personally I was looking at warm weather destinations, but that "parents" aren't biting. Canada was suggested. I am the biggest skier in the family, whereas the "parents" will not ski/ride at all.. thus I need to make sure that Lake Louise will have other activities to keep them entertained while I'm on the mountain.

My other concern is that end of Nov conditions my disappoint. I primarily ski Tahoe - Heavenly is my main MT and Squaw is becoming a runner up. So that all said, would Lake Louise be worth it for Thanksgiving? Can LL be a crowd pleaser, and will I find decent/grt conditions come end of Novemeber?

Thx all in advance
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World Cup is the middle of Nov, so there'll definitely be skiing. How good it is might be the question. Some years, everything is wide open including the steep terrain with lot's of powder, other years you'd be looking at icy, man-made front side groomers. By that time Sunshine Village will also be open, so at least there's variety if the snow isn't great.
The bright side is, since you're the only skier, Banff/Lake Louise is going to beautiful either way.
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Activities for family

Lake Louise (the village) is pretty small so there may not be much to do for your family (unless you're staying at the Chateau which should have the usual expensive resort activities available). If you want to keep them busy stay in Banff which is a full fledged resort town. This will put you about 45 minutes travel time from the hill, but will open up the options for skiing Sunshine as well. The last few years Sunshine has usually had better early season snow, so you may want to keep this as an option. There is a Ski Big3 ticket which allows you access to either hill (as well as Norquay which won't be open yet) that is available separately or as part of an accommodation or comprehensive package.
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Banff is about 40 min drive from Lake Louise..... but Sunshine is only about 15 minutes from town.

Lots to do both in & nearby areas.....

Look into buying the ticket that includes the Bus..... so the "Parents" have the car to use....
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Your instinct for a warm weather destination is correct. That's what I do Thanksgiving week. The non-skiers want to go to the snow? Most of Lake Louise's snow will be manmade (and icy for World Cup) in November. Stay home so you can go to Tahoe if weather is cooperative and save your $ if it's not. Best snow odds for Thanksgiving (and still not worth paying advance airfare $ IMHO) would be Whistler and SLC, with Whistler being the obvious better choice for other activities.
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I would think that the non-skiers would get bored fairly quickly at Lake Louise. Whistler might be a better bet.
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Much Thanks

I appreciate all the great replies. A lot of food for thought!

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I agree with Tony Crocker.

Lake Louise at Thanksgiving is a very bad bet.

It is a just a 50/50 bet up to Christmas
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