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Crested Butte Xmas lodging

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OK, i know it's a bad idea to book Crested Butte in advance for Xmas because of snow issues. But we are going to be with family because one youngster was invited to take one of only six slots at a prestegious ski camp. Because it's during the holidays, we are finding accomodations, gulp, expensive :

Looking for a decent place, preferably four bedrooms, or two condos, or four hotel rooms, for the 19th of December to the 29th. We will have a car, so if necessary it could be off the shuttle route.

I have had a very bad experience with vrbo.com before so am not inclined to go with a place sight unseen from there. But am willing to trust Bears who know of a specific place or have a suggestion.

Thank you everyone and snow dance please. (of course this will be the year that Taos is epic and we'll be driving six hours for skiing ice and rocks in CB.:
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The Old Town Inn is cheap (everything is relative), clean & on the shuttle route. Each room has 2 queen beds. It is a motel and somewhat equivalent to the Kachina Lodge in Taos, but without a bar, restaurant & coffee shop. They do have a continental breakfast in the mornings with bagels, OJ, coffee, oatmeal, apples, oranges, etc.

Not a lot of flair but easy on the wallet.
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Thanks, MJB. I guess you are the only one with the scoop. I checked their website and it looks just fine. Appreciate the lead.
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