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Hand Held Radios

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I'm bringing a group of folks to WP this season and was wondering if handheld radios would be an effective way to keep contact. I figure that either:

A. No reception from the trees and mountain blocking the signal
B. Everyone and their Mother is already doing it, and you'd never find a clear channel.

AnNy inputs?
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We use them all the time when we go out west (Vail, Breck. Keystone) and they actually work out great if you're on the same side of the mountain.

We have the 5 mile Motorola hand helds we picked up from Costco for about $50 a few years back.
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They'll work, but there might be areas where you won't get reception. You will be able to find sub-channels that are free.
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You'll meet a lot of nice young people on channel 420.
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I am going to move this over to "gear" where you might get more (or less ) "feedback.
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The 6 mile Cobra Radios that are about $40 at wal mart work great at WP. If you get on one of the private channels, you will not have to listen to all the chatter.
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One more thing to add. I would stick with Motorola or Cobra. They will not cost much, if any, more and the quality is great. Last year a friend of mine brought a pair of 6 mile audiovox radios. They were supposed to be top of the line. My old 2 mile Motorolas were much better radios.
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Line of sight will get you good performance. I have an old 2 mile radio and I've used it from the Peak at Whistler to talk to folks on the hill at Blackcomb. A significantly longer distance than two miles, but there is nothing in between but air.
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The thing a lot of people can't seem to figure out about channels is the sub channels. A very basic handheld has 15 channels with 30+ subchannels for each of the 15 channels. You put it on channel 3 and its just constant chatter. Put it on channel 3 sub channel 15 and there will be no one there but you.
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