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TR- last day of the 2005-6 season

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I completed 23 months in my TAY streak today at St Mary's Glacier, a little snow field about 45 minutes west of Denver. We had about 2 feet of new snow above 10,000 feet last weekend, and I heard from a friend that conditions on Monday were amazing. Of course, it has been sunny since the , and who knew how long the new snow would last, so I was fortunate to have the day off today. After a long day and night on call (21 hours in the OR) and finally getting to sleep at 2:30AM, I managed to drag myself out of bed at 9:00 and get on the road about 10:30.

There was no snow at all at the trailhead, and a 30 minute hike in brought me to the foot of the glacier. Thankfully, you could see that there was still much new snow on top of the glacial suncups, and skinning conditions were excellent. The snow ends at about 11,410ft, giving me 610 vert ft of skiing (out of an 1100 foot ascent). The snow path was quite narrow in a few places, and at times the suncups under the layer of new snow were easily felt, but a few smooth patches made up for that. Pretty good conditions for September, although I clearly missed the best skiing by 2 days. Opening day at Loveland will complete my 2nd TAY, so year 3 will be easy from here on out!

on the way up
At the top- James Peak in the distance (several classic couloir descents there, none with enough snow to ski now)IMGP0313_1_1.JPG
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Looks pretty nice, actually.
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Thanks, Bob- it was pretty good, although Faisay's pictures of Aspen were a lot more enticing. Will you be out here again in October (hopefully not for medical reasons this time!)? Opening day is just around the corner.
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Hey dp, nice shots. I really have to get up to St. Mary's with my skis one summer. Did the hike without skis last year.

Ready to make turns in a few weeks? I think the plan is to hit either Loveland or the Basin the Monday after it opens (whichever is first).
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Faisay- I don't have a Monday in October off until 30th. I can get a half day (AM only- I have to make a flight out of town at 6:30pm) on the 19th. I have to miss a lot of work days in October due to out of town meetings, so my time off is kind of limited. Let's plan on the 30th, at least!
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