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Lineup of Spyder jackets

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What is the top line in the Spyder lineup? When you go onto the website it just lists them in the Men's Alpine Ski or Freeski sections. Is there one line that is better than all the others? I ski in the NorthEast and then make one trip out west each year. I think that the Legend series seems to be the better line but I'm unsure. Could someone help make sense of their lineup. The Aspen jacket looks pretty good. I have been skiing in Spyder stuff for years and love it, also ski in Phenix, North Face, Patagonia, so I am not sold on just one company, but Spyder does have some nice stuff. Thanks for the help.
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Better as in performance in harsh weather, or stuff that looks more important or costs more? I'd hazard a guess that their "top" stuff is priced accordingly, as Spyder is never shy about bunging on a few extra numbers. Although I have a soft spot for the brand too, I have to admit.
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I am just interested in the line that will keep me the warmest without looking bulkly and I like high-tech materials. My last Spyder jacket was lined with silk and it was just awesome, lasted my over 6 ski years and I never wore anything more than just one piece of a long sleeve shirt undernearth my jacket, even when it was -40C with the windchill on top of Mt. Tremblant
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I think the 'Legend' line is their highest end stuff. It seems to have the most high tech stuff in it.
Spyder's definitely nice stuff if it's the sort of stuff you go for. I used to wear it, but switched to a lightweight shell for versatility's sake. I got a Spyder Coach's coat last year for my general winter wear - absolutely adore it (probably more than is reasonable for a garment lol), and it's fantastic at keeping you warm when you're out in the cold for quite a while.
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One of the few things I've paid full retail for was my beloved insulated Spyder trousers. I'd been getting mild frostbite in Helly shellpants (it was at Stowe and we had to provide our own trousers), so went shopping down Mountain Road. About a week after getting them, I burnt little holes in them doing a flare run! But they are lasting very well indeed, quite robust construction (i think their line-name is Scorpions), and I don't get frostdamaged legs any more when wearing them.
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