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Bald Head Island, NC

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obviously NSR.

if we do this, won't be til june but houses go fast so we have to pull the trigger. (likely. i've never been on the atlantic coast and it looks just fine by cursory web-browsing.) also, i've never fished in the ocean; that's a pretty exciting prospect.

soliciting any firsthand experience from folks who've been.

thank you.
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ryan, i lived briefly on wrightsville beach which is a barrier island off wilmington. bald head is at the confluence of the cape fear river just southeast of wilmington.

it is a wonderful place. great golf course......very laid back life style. you take a short ferry ride from the town of southport and once on the island there are no cars.

not much to do. if you are looking to "get away" it's a great place. if you want a little more civilization i'd suggest one of the nearby beaches to wilmington.
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I'm an hour north of Hatteras.

The water temp is in the low 70's now....I went surfing for awhile earlier today. The fishing is amazing....name it...it's pretty much here in all sizes....light tackle.....fly....big game.

Bald Head is reasonably close to Wilimgton and Myrtle. If you golf....there are hundreds of courses within 10 miles of Myrtle Beach.

There is no winter here....most days where you will be would be in the 50's but could also hit 100 with horrific humidity in July - early Sept.

Knock yourself out !
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