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I have a pair of mens Atomic R10s from 2004 with the CR412 binding in 180 length. I bought them brand new in late 2005 and skied the latter part of 2005 and 2006 on them. I have skied on these skis for no more than 40 days and they have been tuned three times only. They have a few nicks on the tops and tails but are otherwise in very good shape. I used these skis to get back into skiing after a long layoff and they worked fine for me. There is lots of edge left and they would be good for someone who is not adamant about skiing the latest models. My wife says keep them for when someone visits but I am just seeing if anyone is interested in them. The ski shop says I should start them on ebay for $99. BTW my skills came right back with these skis and I have graduated to a pair of Metron B5s. I probably never maxed out the capability the R10s but just wanted new skis. PM me if you are interested.