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Junior skis and adult skiers?

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I picked up a pair of 136 K2 Apache Jrs for my then-eight-year-old daughter back in February. Fantastic skis. So when REI had the 146s and 153s on sale for $75, I figured I'd stock up for growing kids.

I picked up the 146s and 153s today. And out of curiosity, I brought the 153s to my wife. They basically come up to her nose -- just about perfect for groomer skis.

So my question is, is there any reason (other than the fact that they say "Jr." and they're black instead of all flowery and whatnot) why my wife shouldn't use these?

For comparison, the Burnin Luv and the Apache Crossfire are both 115/68/99, vs. 103/65/91 for the Apache Jr, so the kid model is a little narrower and a little straighter. And although the specs are the same, I know that the Burnin Luv's mount point is further forward, and the sidecut is a little different than the Crossfire despite the identical numbers. The Crossfire's construction is titan metal laminate, the BL's is metal laminate, and the Jr.'s is torsion box. The "adult" skis both have MOD monic; the Jr. merely has "MOD technology."


Should I mount the Juniors for her, or should I just look for a BL or the like in a 153?
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My experience with junior skis for my wife has been positive but the main factor IMO is the weight and aggressiveness of the adult. (my wife is 102 pounds soaking wet and not very aggressive) Most junior race skis are recommended for a max weight of about 125 pounds. I'm not sure about the Apache Jr's, but I would almost guess they are not a high performance ski and therefore not as durable as the junior race skis. If your wife weighs 125+ or is aggressive I do not think she will be happy with the junior skis. Also, the sidecut difference is significant. If K2 has earned a top reputation in any particular area I would say they have really nailed the women's ski arena. Either of the adult women's skis you mention would be much more versatile than the narrow junior Apache's.
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To clarify: The Burnin Luv is the women's version of the Apache Crossfire, and those are the closest to the Apache Junior -- that's why I mentioned them.

And yes, the Apache Jrs are narrower. On the other hand, her quiver already includes 160 Phat Luvs, so these would really be for groomer days.

That said, I think I've at least determined that, if her next quiver straight ski is a K2, it should be 153 rather than 160.
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It depends on what type of skiing she is doing. If she is an advanced skiier, then I go with the adult model for a better and stronger ski. If she is a beginner or not very aggressive, then the kids should be fine.
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I can actually speak to this from experience. Being a small and light female skier I was loooking at kids stuff to save money - I already shopped the "girls" racks for jackets and such to get a good fit (ie arms aren't too long etc), since I'm about 5'3. Also look I at kids stuff for clothing since I'm short and most women's stuff is designed for someone who is at least 5'5 or 5'6.

What I was advised was that the kid's gear was built less durable than the adult stuff. So since the average kid will outgrow their gear within a year if the gear won't hold up for more than a year's hard use it's not so important. Whereas an adult skier is likely to use their gear for multiple years so long as it continues to match their ability and skiing type.

So I'd say buy her the Women's skis since they'll last her for a few years. I'm also a K2 T9 fan, since they seem so well suited to a light/small female skier. I own a pair of TrueLuvs and hope to own a pair of LottaLuvs soon. Also for reference I ski 153cm skis.
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Thanks, all. I thought it was a long shot, but I figured I'd ask.
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Another concern is the bindings ... if the skier is not of child dimensions and/or skis aggressively the junior bindings may not be appropriate.
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The biggest factor is that 1 st and 2 nd price point Jr. skis are cheaply built. It doesn't matter what brand name is on them. 95% of the time they are injected foam with very little structure. These are what we call "squirt" skis. Skis of this type are not suitable for an Adult. This is not a close call or a "maybe" sort of thing.....just not the right thing.....period.

Occasionally, a Jr race ski can be used for a small adult but they must be the real thing and not the cheap ski with a racy cosmetic. A "real" jr race ski will cost you more than a middle of the road adult ski.

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