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Any NASJA Members?

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I just found out that I am finally eligible to join, and I was wondering if anyone has some feedback about the organization. Thanks!
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I've thought about joining, but as a "hobbyist" for a small online publication may not qualify. I know the members sometimes run in packs, a friend just got back from big NASJA group trip to NZ. Some of the Eastern members I know of do good stuff. I'd be interested to hear from someone in the know on what benefits they derive from membership.
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They are pretty strict. I had done a good deal of writing for the Professional Skier and other publications, but my book was the only thing that qualified me for membership. Now, all I need to do is update the book in three years!:
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I have been a NASJA member since 1999. I went on the NZ trip (see reports here http://www.firsttracksonline.com/boa...wforum.php?f=6 ). $1,100 all inclusive for a week including airfare from L.A. There was a Chamonix trip for the western region for ~$1,500 in 2004.

The annual meeting runs $350-$400 for an all-inclusive Wednesday night to Sunday trip, sometime between mid-March and early April. I went to all the annuals from 1999 when I joined to 2004 (Mammoth, Bachelor, Big Sky, Banff, Quebec/Charlevoix, Telluride). These were generally attended by about 150 journalist/photographer members + another 100 or so corporate members and guests. 2005 was in northern Idaho, and with a liberal cancellation policy I bailed out 2 weeks ahead due to the bad snow year. This year was at Kimberley but the March 29 solar eclipse in Egypt was a higher priority for me. Upcoming annuals are 2007 Crested Butte, 2008 Bretton Woods and 2009 Lutsen.

At the meetings you usually get the red carpet treatment from the host resort. There are also attractive pre and post trips to resorts nearby to the host area of the annual meeting.

The western region has a smaller 3-day meeting (~$150) usually in January attended by 30+ members. I was at this meeting in Jackson when I had the pleasure of skiing with Bob Peters last January. I also went to the Northstar meeting in January 2005 when it fortuitously dumped 4 feet in 2 days.

You get proform prices (roughly half retail) from selected clothing/equipment manufacturers.

If you do occasional freelance you can get some good perspective from some of the members who write for a living. There are "packs" and insiders as in any organization, but I've enjoyed the company of the vast majority of members.

Membership is fairly static at the moment and we are definitely interested in recruiting new members, particularly younger ones. I'm 53 and that's probably close to average age in NASJA West and possibly below average for ESWA. There's more info at http://nasja.org .
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First off, I got ot give you props, if it wasnt for your snowfall analysis, I would probally have never moved to Baker for "school" and would probally be making good $$$ as an engineer. However now I jsut ski pow.

As far as Nasja is concerned. I have looked into it in the past, and quite frankly I do not see any potential return on the investment that the membership would cost me.
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With the amount of ski travel I do there is no question that I get far more benefits than the $60 annual membership fee. I know many people get proform deals, my son's UCSD club ski team for example.

The cheapest way to get a lot of high quality ski time is to live near an interesting area and do most of your skiing there on a season pass. If that's mtbakerskier's model, those trip benefits won't mean as much as they do to me.

Lisamarie, there are 2 prominent female NASJA members in your immediate area, Claire Walter and past president Claudia Carbone.
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Thanks guys! I may give it a shot for at least the first year.
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