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Chick without Quiver...Needs Help!

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A very good friend of mine is in the market for a new pair of skis and is looking for some recommendations on what to demo. She is 42 yo, 5'9'' and 135 lbs. Level 6 or 7 now but very committed to her skiing and would like to improve. Skis 20-25 days per year mostly at Vail...60% front side, 40% back bowls. Currently has a 4 year old pair of Atomic 918's (104-64-95) that are 160's. I'm thinking she would benefit from something wider and female specific. Please let me know if you have 2-3 recommendations for my good friend to check out.

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K2 Lotta Luvs. End of topic.
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Lotta Luvs are an excellent choice, as are the Recons (very similar ski).

Rossi B2W too, probably.
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Dynastar Exclusive legends for an all purpose ski. Burnin Luvs for hard pack and feeling secure at high speeds.
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atomic b11
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Another ski that is getting some Buzz is the Volkl Attiva AC3 104/76/118.
Definitely worth a look.


According to Dawgcatching, the lotta luvs are the ski of choice for his female buyers, and he's almost sold out. Get them while you can!
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The Atomic Balanze B:11 PULS.
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As usual...great feedback. The Bears are the Best! I'm seeing a lot of love for Lotta Luvs. The Dynastar, Volkl and Atomic's are all great suggestions. Anything else she should be looking at?
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Fischer vision 76's. I have the men's version, the AMC 76, which is a fantastic ski and the women's version got good write-ups.
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I'd give my vote to the LottaLuvs. I really do love these skis and I'm hankering to get a pair (demo'd them out at SugarBowl in April).

However I've promised myself that if the demo day at Attitash will have a good selection of women's skis (say the Attiva AC3, maybe a Fisher) I will do my due dilligence and try out the competitors. But I still think I'll end up with the LottaLuvs

Good luck!
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The Volkl Auras might fit in very well at Vail. A woman's version of the Mantra.
I bet she would like them very much.They are an attractive ski with a lot to offer a skier of her ability and her taste for some of the less tracked areas with a good profile for front side use also.
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