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Goggle Talk..

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Im currently looking at the Uvex Ultrasonic goggle..Little more expensive but they seem to be a pretty good goggle.. Does anyone have these out there? Im a big fan of Uvex Goggles and Helmets (never have had a problem with them). I tried the Oakley A Frames out here in Colorado last year but had horrible luck.. Within 1 season I went through 3 lenses as each lens did the same thing.. They all kept breaking a seal.. I bought 2 of the lenses from different optic shops to ensure I was not getting a bad batch of frames and brought them both back to be told I again broke a seal (no falls, no monkey business with them either)? I finally sent the goggles back to Oakley with all the lenses, they replaced them with a smile and I sold all of the Oakley stuff.. I
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Yeah I had them, thought they were magnificent till this happened: http://forums.epicski.com/showpost.p...4&postcount=19

Edit: my bad I had the Supersonic S I believe...whatever it was it has a dual density plastic frame, looked great and gave me great vision but I payed a price. They were the top of the line model.
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I love my kimeriks, they have a polarizes lens... great vision on bluebird days, and lowlight... and i can wear them with my G10 helmet
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