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new guy...

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Hi everyone! My name is Josh and I'm from Birmingham, AL. I know, not exsactly a skiing mecca but I get by. I've been skiing for about 5 years only a couple of times a year, but in the past 2 years I've done more skiing than ever. We actually have one lil "resort" in extreme north eastern AL called Cloudmont. It's just 2 slopes about 2700ft long and about 150ft drop...It really is a great place to get your feet back under you after a long deep south spring and summer. My groups regular spot is up around Banner Elk, NC.

I just purchased my first set of skis after years of rentals...I got some '06 model K2 Apache Black Hawk 160s and a pair of Rossi Open X3 boots...I can't wait to try them out for the first time this year.

Well, I just wanted to introduce myself, and I can't wait to see what this froum has to offer.

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Welcome "new guy" Hope you get a lot of runs in this season. Hang in here it's a great place.

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Glad you found EpicSki.
I've been on here less than a year and have been happy to be a part of the community.

Only one warning necessary:
This place is contagious!
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Hi bud - I'm a noob at this forum too, welcome. C'mon out to CO sometime....

(Skiing in Alabama??? Who'd have guessed ???)
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it's just great theat you have been bitten by the ski bug (bear???). Welcome. I'm new to the forum as well. There is nothing more worth doing than skiing (well maybe there are some things... I can't think of them at the moment...anyway, whatever they are, they don't usually last for a whole day.) Heck, we even ski in NJ. Who da thought that was possible?
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Hi Josh,

I was in Birmingham last summer, southern hospitality. Sounds like you've got a "hot" set-up for skiing. Have a great season.
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Welcome, k2josh. Lots here to discover and explore. Not as good as even a minute on snow, but the next best thing...
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Originally Posted by k2josh View Post
can't wait to see what this froum has to offer.

Josh....WELCOME to Epic....simply put...

If its skiing related and you need it....it's here.
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Welcome K2josh/Art/CDave you're going to like this place

Be sure to check out ALL the forums as they have a vast amount of good info.
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Originally Posted by k2josh View Post
My groups regular spot is up around Banner Elk, NC.
Beech, Sugar, or are you just a Devil?
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Howdy Josh!
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Thanks for all of the welcomes...I'm really lookin forward to this season, and esp on my own skis and not rentals...

Marcko, Sugar is my fav so far, then beech and hawksnest. We're hopin to make it up to Snowshoe in WV this year...

P.S. Please tell me I got a good ski in theses k2 Apaches...the only thing i have to compare em to are the rentals i've used, and my friends Public Enemies...Are they a good all mountain ski?
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Welcome! You will love this site..

The apaches are great. Are they the white recons or the black crossfires? If they are the recons, they might be a bit wide for the east, but no worries....they are great for all mtn.

You should plan a trip out West instead of Snowshoe, you'd like it more, imo
It's suprisingly affordable to fly into Denver or SLC and ski for the weekend.
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well i should be getting them within the next couple of days...they're all black tho...
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Another welcome. Make yourself at home but keep your feet off of the furniture. That is all.
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese View Post
Another welcome. Make yourself at home but keep your feet off of the furniture. That is all.
this post by phil seems harmless enough, but he has a gear buying disorder that seems to be highly contagious.

Put the Credit Card Down, and step away from Phil!
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Another southern skier!!!!

Welcome to Epic, k2josh.

You gonna find a bunch of skiers from the south. However its gets very hard to read those posts coming from members who live close to the mountains while we still have 80 degree weather swatting mosquitos. When you get a chance check out ESA/Aspen, best learnin' 4 days ya gonna find on skis along with meeting members and instructors who make this place great.
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Josh, welcome to the forum. I'm in the same situation you are in, in Georgia. I live only an hour from Cloudmont, never been there, but I may try it out this year. I have never wanted to try it because it is usually hard ice with a bunch of people who have never skiied before...don't want to risk getting hurt for the real skiing. Welcome to the forum
Friend from the south.
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Welcome, K2josh! I know what you mean about being a skier from Alabama. I'm in Tucson, Arizona! The temperature today is supposed to be 98 degrees. And "Yes" we have skiing in Northern Arizona. The nice thing is that we can at least make one trip to Wolf Creek, Colorado over Thanksgiving. It's about a 12 hour drive, but if we get a couple people to drive, it's not bad. You're gonna LOVE this forum!
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Welcome, k2Josh, if you ski Beech or Sugar, I'll bet you watch (Ray's)weather reports as closely as I do!
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Thanks again for the welcomes...and yes Cloudmont at night gets a lil icy, but the crowds weren't that large this past winter...it's a good place to warm up, but be sure to call before you drive over, i've been dissappointed a few times...the best thing about cloudmont is being able to go and be the best skier there, and by no means am i "good"...but i do get looks like "hey, that guy looks like he knows what he's doing"...
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Originally Posted by k2josh View Post

P.S. Please tell me I got a good ski in theses k2 Apaches......Are they a good all mountain ski?
I ski them....and that's the reason I got them.
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Originally Posted by Uncle Louie View Post
I ski them....and that's the reason I got them.
awesome, do they turn up at the tails at all, or are they just rounded...i'd like to try my hand at skiing switch a lil bit this year, but i didn't want a true twin tip...i figured the apaches weren't turned up at all, but then i heard it was an ok compromise between a true all mountain, and a freestyle ski...but all mountain ski is what i wanted so i will not be dissappointed at all of they are flat at the tails...

i'm ready for em to get here...
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Glad you're here "K2J" - welcome. I did some sliding at Sugar during my Bulldog days at UGA - fun mountain. Enjoy your explorations to the north and west.
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Boo-Yaa! from another recent noob/convert.
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Welcome dude!
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Hey look its another Josh. It took this josh exactly 1 year and one month after joining this site to follow my dream. I wonder when your going get yourself outta of alabama?

Welcome to the site dude
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Josh - another welcome to the best ski forum on the net. TAKE HEED of Trekchick's warning about Phil. Last year at this time I was a "new guy" and posted looking for advice on several different pairs of Volkl's to buy. After considering Bear feedback - INCLUDING Phil's - I bought both pair of skiis !!!!

Now, a year later not needing any new equioment, I am looking foward to Pro night next week trying to decide which new ski to buy.

Phil posted after my purchases last year "resistance is futile !!!"

I've been infected - its Phil's fault - BEWARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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is wise to agree with me.
If there is any doubt, you should read this thread and then ask yourself why its a run away poll for the "over 6"
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Hey all u newbees --A hearty welcome .

This is a great group of knowledgeable ski maniacs . who despite a "warped "tendency to Voraciously acquire ski gear to excess( Yo Phil , you there??) are in a position to help and answer damned near anything about this great sport !

PS the Phil disease IS very contagious

Enjoy !!!!
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