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Copper weekend unlimited advanced lessons live! (Maybe!)

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I just got off the phone with the ski school director at Copper. A lot of people e-mailed him with complaints about Copper discontinuing its all-day advanced clinics on Sundays. He is willing to reinstate them with some conditions and some changes. This is what he said:

Folks can sign up to take all-day, all-season advanced-level group lessons/clinics with the same instructor. These lessons will be held the same day every weekend. He's thinking Saturdays instead of Sundays unless that really doesn't work for folks (football games, religious observances, etc. on Sundays). The groups will be limited to 7-8 clients only.

The cost would be about $680 for the entire season, probably starting early December. This price would INCLUDE a season pass. If you already have the pass, the cost of the pass would be subtracted from the clinic cost. This means you would get a chance to ski with the same instructor, working on your all-terrain skills, for the entire season, for the cost of one half-day private lesson. This is a good deal!

There will probably be two groups set up, one a "ski to die" group which wants to ski hard all day, all over the mountain, and would receive feedback in small amounts only. This group will probably be led by Stan Nowakowski. The other group (mine) would be skiing the same terrain, but with more instruction, focusing on finding the most efficient tactics to ski challenging terrain. Conditions of the day would dictate terrain: powder focus if we have fresh snow, pure carving another day, icy steeps another, bumps interspersed, etc.

This program will only be offered if seven people sign up for a given group. So... if you're in or want more info, PM me or ask for more info here in the forum.
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That's a deal!

mike_m, your group would ski the entire mountain, as well? Do you tend to drill some and then ski some? Or...?

(Note to readers: I am employed at Copper)
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Hi, Steve!

Yes, we ski the entire mountain. My group last season were good skiers who wanted to refine their "all mountain, all terrain, all conditions" skills. They could get down most anything, but had habits or biases that made it harder than we all want it to be. I approached each day with a "soft focus" that would underlie the entire day and apply it to appropriate terrain and conditions, depending on what we found on the mountain that day. Our goal was to explore the spectrum of what skis can do, from pure carving to pure flat-ski sliding/steering and discover where each technique or blend of techniques works best for a given task, be it railroad track-style carving, short turns on steep, icy terrain, bumps, steep bowls with 12" of fresh snow, etc. "Intent dictates technique." Sound familiar? I like to video the skiers every other week or so so folks can see themselves. "Oh, I really DO do that, don't I." The aim is to build effortless, relaxed versatility. Knowing WHAT to do (and why), WHEN to do it, and building the skills to be ABLE to do it whenever desired. That's the goal, in any case!
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That is a very good deal. If they promoted it, I bet it'd be very popular indeed.
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If anyone can find a way to do this, I highly reccommend it! Michael is a patient and creative instructor with an amazing amount of empathy. His classes are fun and informative, and the group dynamic is always a blast!
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Hey Lisamarie- isn't this the guy you blew your knee out with? Was it a blast?
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Yes, Lisamarie was in my class when another skier who lost control slid into her and messed up her knee. Your empathetic and constructive point being...?
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Originally Posted by Lisamarie View Post
..must come to an end. Well, I finally had my first sled ride yesterday. It was the end of the day. I had just finished a reasonably good run down Hallelujah, I thought that one bump run at the end of the day would be a good idea. NOT!

Wiped out big time, binding did not release.
Originally Posted by Lisamarie View Post
Nah, it's just the dumbass skier's fault!
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Hmm. Ever see the film The Other Side of the Mountain, about the olympic ski racer, Jill Kinmont? (I saw that for the first time when I was recovering from surgery, which is a whole other story.)

Kinmont became paralyzed after a ski accident at Alta. She was working with her olympic coach. Was it her coach's fault? When we get to the point where we seek to blame someone else for every bad thing that happens to us, get ready for the Nanny State!:
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[moderator interruption]Evilanche, if you insist on these kind of random attacks, I'll be pulling out the Evilauncher. Cut it out.[/mod]
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Cool. I just worked out that it would cost me about 500 bucks in additional gas to do this instead of Taos as a primary weekend trip.

Its really a very enticing deal, if I wasn't 7.5 hours away I'd be all over it. Best of luck, I hope you get the number of people you need.
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This is a very good deal for anyone who wants to actually improve his or her skiing, as opposed to just skiing the same way and ingraining the same habits for the rest of your life! I know that the group that skied with Mike_M last season had a blast, improved a lot, and became good friends to boot!

And I'm sure that the group that skis with Stan Nowakowski will get a lot more than their money's worth as well. If they can keep up! (Yeah, that's a challenge!)

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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sounds great

if you can find me a room to rent for the season to practice during the week, i'll sign up today
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I skied with Stan "The Bullet" Nowakowski last year, and Pete Amos the year before. The results have greatly improved my skiing. There is a great deal to be gained by working with a coach where you get to know one another and work on issues over a long period of time it is so much more productive and transformative in your skiing.

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