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Help with knee question/symptoms.

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I have a question. Last season I skied ALOT of moguls on the ice coast and I may not have had the proper technique for alot of the season and I think I caused some wear and tear on my knees.

I am 24 yrs old and I am currently experiencing a popping sensation in my knees. It is in both of them. They feel the same. I never injured my knees as far as one incident and I don't have swelling. They did not pop all the time. It is usually only every once in a while when I am sitting and then I straighten them. I have never had them pop while standing and climbing stairs or anything.

Once they pop they do not do it again for a while. It may happen 5 times during a day, every day. I have not experienced any paid except for a soreness in them one cold rainy mourning while going down 6 flights of stairs.

Do I need to see a doctor? Should I worry about it? Does anyone know what is going on?

Anyhelp would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi Nathan,

Welcome to old age! There are many things that could be causing your problem. I had a similar problem that continued to get worse over time (oh how I hated cold rainy days!). On my first visit to the doctor, he asked me a few questions:
1) Are you a pro athlete? (no)
2) Do you have $15K? (no)
3) Can you live with the pain? (yes)
No surgery then. He gave me a few exercises to do and then said "and don't do any deep knee bend exercises". He knew full well I was a skier and that I skied bumps a lot. When I called him on this he said "That's your coke" (meaning you're going to do it anyway - so I'm not going to tell you not to do it).

Every few years, as it got worse, I'd go see another Doc and get roughly the same answer and maybe some pills. By the time the popping got to be loud enough to make people 30 feet away complain how painful it was just to listen to it, I was up to 2x 800mg of Motrin just to get to sleep at night. When that stopped working, I tried a cortisone shot. When that worked fantastic, but for only one day, I finally had surgery done. The technique was called a lateral release. If I got the right mail order medical degree, my retinacluar band that connects my quads to my knee cap was arthritic and too short. It was pulling my kneecap to one side and pinching a nerve when it locked. The pop released the pinch. The surgery put cuts in the band to allow it to stretch and lengthen and also removed plica material from the kneecap to allow more room.

When I was done the doc showed me a pic of my knee (pretty dark) and a pic of another recent surgery he had done (white arthritic crap all throughout the knee). I don't know if the other guy had popping, but he certainly had a knee that wasn't working right. Sometimes they have to go in and look at it to see what is causing the problem. In my case an MRI was not necessary. From my history, Doc knew what to do. There are some that are of the opinion that the procedure I had is a hack. Nonetheless, the procedure worked for me. I now have to rely solely on my personality and bad jokes to annoy people.
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Lucky it took you to you 24 to havethis happen, I have had this problem since 18. No pain either. Now here is the really good news for me(and possiable you). I started MTBing this summer, alot about 400 miles since early august. Beside one hit on my knee that made everything alot worse for about 2 weeks. The clicking the popping is all gone.(there never was pain to begin with). So maybe biking is the answer to knee health.
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