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Who's Joining K2?

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Thanks to Bens at the powdermag board for the scoop.

LOS ANGELES, July 10 (Reuters) - Ski maker K2 Inc. (NYSE:KTO - news) on Tuesday named former U.S. Vice-President Dan Quayle to its board of directors.

K2 Chairman Richard Heckmann said Quayle, who was vice-president during former President George Bush's term of office, would help the firm explore promising new markets.

``We will benefit from his knowledge of the international landscape, particularly of the Asia Pacific region,'' Heckmann said in a statement.

K2 makes sporting goods and recreational products under such name brands as K2 and Olin. The company's shares slipped 37 cents, or 3.18 percent, onTuesday to $11.28 but are near a 52-week high of $12.00.


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Wow. The Q-tip AND jerry garcia. now that's diversity.
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Now Dan Quayle will have to learn to spell the company name.
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SnoWonder -

que too??
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While Quayle is up in the Washington area he might want to take the time to visit some of his other favorite states like Canada.
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Now I realized why George Bush Sr. picked quayle for VP.

He reminded him of his namesake son.

Ya know Africa being a country & all.
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Do you think he might be able to garner the California market? After all, he practically grew up in Phoenix.
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Yes, ryan, when we stop to think about it, we really shouldn't. I think Dan Quayle would say that. So that's what I was thinking about. Actually, I WAS thinking about it, and we all SHOULD think about it. But never mind, if that's what you think. Just forget it. I'll forget it, you forget it. But I'll remember it, and don't you forget it! That's what these great United States - Indiana, Canada - all forty-eight - are really all about - America! And John F. Kennedy, who was another young president who agrees with what I said if you asked him.
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Oh, how ridiculous.


The K2 Magic Potatoe

Cruising ski that easily turns right!

Hey what's down this run? SnoKarver

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Snowcarver, I'm laughing so hard I fell out of the rocking chair!
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What an amazing bit of American history he was. I mean, if you met him at a coffee shop and heard him say the stuff he said you would dismiss him as a kook. This guy was the VP, fercryinoutloud. What up with that?

During that time were any Bears living abroad and privy to what our international brothers and sisters were thinking about him? And what did that say about America?

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"K2 Chairman Richard Heckmann said Quayle...would help the firm explore promising new markets...particularly the Asia Pacific region."

"Japan is an important ally of ours. Japan and the United States of the Western industrialized capacity, 60 percent of the GNP,two countries. That's a statement in and of itself."
---Vice President Dan Quayle

With the addition of Dan Quayle to its' Board, K2's future is as promising as Hexcel's and Kastle's...<FONT size="1">

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I wonder if adding Dan to the board is more about over seas production than it is about capturing a larger market segment?
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Snokarver: Cute. Dan Quayle helped, right?
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Hey, I'd rather have Quayle inherit the presidency than Cheney. Quayle was a bumbling fool that probably wouldn't get anything done but that seem to work well for Clinton. Cheney has some agendas I don't agree with and I think he will do whatever is necessary to achieve them without any concern about what the American populace wants.
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I lived in Glasgow for the end of Bush version 1.0 & Quayle's term. The Scots whom spoke of it thought Bush was a corporate bought warmonger imposing America's will on the world. But Quayle was below their radar, I think. We had a big party the day of Clinton's inauguration, which in my collegiate naiveté' at the time I thought was going to change world politics.
Needless to say my cynicism grew a lot in the next 8 years.
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Dan is a really good.....golfer. Cut him a little slack.
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Does Dan Quale even ski ?

The person who they should have had join the board, is his wife Marilyn. She is the one that has all the smarts !
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Well Dick Cheney does ski. I saw him in JH about 10 years ago.
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Believe it or not!

In 83-84, one morning, well hungover, my Director at Purgatory (John Briner) came up to me and said that I had an all day VIP private 2 person. When I asked who, he said "oh, the vice presidents son and his wife" Assuming he meant whoever was the owner of Purg at the time (Duncan), I taught until noon, where everyone wanted to know what the guy was like.
It was only then that I found out it was GW Bush. Up until then, I couldn't figure out who the really good skiers with headsets were who seemed to be poaching the lesson.
I thought the lesson went well...but must have been less than inspiring since I have never found out whether he has continued to ski.
A true most of mine are!
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Cheney was just scoping out the Tetons Wilderness for oil drilling.
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He was scoping them on skis. He had a pretty cool plane at the airport too, a Gulfstream of some kind. Considering how much fuel we all consume in pursuit of our skiing, it would be appropriate if the started drilling under Rendevous Mountain...
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Right now there is a battle going on where the oil & gas companies are drilling for gas in coal fields in Wyoming. The process frees a lot of pressurized, highly salted water. Instead of pumping the water back down into the ground they are letting it run free ruining all the land around the wells. The ranchers, farmers and environmentalist want to require the drillers to pump the contaminated water back into the ground. Cheney is in support of no further regulations. We are not happy in Bozeman because they want to use the same process with the same lack of controls around the Yellowstone River.
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