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Knee angulation exercise/stretch?

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Is there an exercise or stretch that can prepare my knees for max angulation?

Last season, by March, my knees were constantly sore from really trying to crank them in.
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you want to strengthen the muscles that support the knee joint and its ligaments/cartilage/tendons/other.

"cranking" joints that aren't strong enough to withstand the force can lead to sounds and sensations you'd rather have missed. and, speaking from experience, skiing offers myriad opportunties to crank the knee, even/especially when that's the last thing you want to happen.

conservative starters (even if you aren't "aging" ):



i prefer the bike as a foundation then add other exercises and activities to supplement that.
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Remember that the knee itself is not a rotary joint. Often, people have difficulty with angulation due to limted rotary ability in the hip. There are tools used by physical therapists called rotational discs that can be helpful. Although you can find them on PT websites, Marshalls and TJ Maxx sometimes sells a similar, and less expensive product called a "twister." Although it is supposdely designed to "trim the waist," it can also help with hip rotation.
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I've had similar issues and found that as Lisamarie pointed out that my knee soreness correlated directly with my hip tightness. Stretching has helped this a lot. I really stink at describing stretches but I'll do my best to describe my favorites. My two favorite stretches are ones where I'm on my back, with my feet on the floor and my knees bent at a 90 degree angle. From this position I cross one leg over the other so one ankle rests on the other knee. In the first stretch I reach under the leg that is crossed hold onto my knee with both hands and pull my knee towards my chest stretching the crossed leg's hip. In the other from this position I roll my legs over to one side so that the sole of my foot on the crossed leg touches the floor. I hope that makes sense. I've seen both stretches in personal health mags over the years so I assume that they are pretty common. Obviously I always warm up before I do them.
Have fun
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hip stretch

the first description above reminds me of the yoga stretches to prepare for lotus posture. i have forgotten the name, but if you start from a lunge position you can use body weight to stretch the hip with more power than pulling it toward yourself with back on floor. also any stretch or weght bearing strength work can be found in a yoga book.
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Originally Posted by Lisamarie View Post
Remember that the knee itself is not a rotary joint. Often, people have difficulty with angulation due to limted rotary ability in the hip. .

As Lisamarie has correctly pointed out, the knee is not a rotary joint. You may be overstressing your knees trying to get then to do what they cannot. Angulation, properly speaking should occur at the hip joints and requires rotary movements of the legs originating at the hip joints. Likewise you should not be attempting to bend your back laterally in order to achieve angulation. Give the poor knees a rest.
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