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Atomic Binding Mounting point

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In light of the recent articles on Peter Keelty's site about binding mounting positions, I decided to checked the mounting points on a couple of my skis to to see what they were. What I noticed was that the binding on my Atomic 11.20's were quite a few cms back compared to that on the Salomon Crossmax10 & Salomon XScream series. The Salomon's when mounted according to their center mark were very close to my 'ball of foot' center. The Atomic's mounting were several cm's further back from my 'ball of foot' center. Just standing same length Salomon beside the Atomic, you can see quite easily how the Atomic's were quite a bit further back.

I did a search through the messages and noticed a message posted from last year which noted the same thing:

"Betaracer, nobody around here, including our local rep, can give me an answer that makes sense on this -- you are my only hope!

I have noticed that the recommended mounting position on the 10.ex (and maybe other Atomic models, haven't checked) is further back by a couple cm than comparable fat freeride skis in same length. Do you know why this is? Is it tied to the ski design/ flex pattern or does it represent Atomic's opinion on where all fat freeride ski should be mounted?"

Hmm... good question. Is there something different about the Atomics which made them decide on a different recommended binding position from the other manufacturers? Fortunately, the Atomic binding does allow you to play with the positioning, so it's easy to experiment. Any ideas on this, anyone??????

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By using a Variable Positioned Bindings, you can experiment as you wish .

I don't know why center marks are where they are on certan models of skis. Even within the Atomic product rance, the bootsole center line varies with cord length. The E:zone skis are much further forward that the line on a Ride series ski. A lot has to do with the shape of the tail, running contact length, anticipated skier, etc. All I know is I ski with my boot sole center line matched to that of the ski on some models, and others I have my toe edge at mid cord.

There is a reason for the madness, but I wouldn't be able to find the 100% answer until sale meatings in January, and that's so far away, i'll probably forget to ask.
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Thanks for info BetaRacer.... An educated guess would be that the Ride series are meant for off-piste riding, where having your weight further back on the ski would help with float and stability. I suspect that Atomic has a good reason for deciding where the ideal mounting point is for their skis.

Don't forget to share the info if you find out
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