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ski boot problem

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Any ideas on how to stop peeling the hide off the front of your shins from ski boots? I was using regular socks,tried ski socks with no improvement. Maybe I need to ski in the backseat? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Shave your legs.
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Tried replacing the stock straps with Booster Straps , they seem to work quite a bit better.
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Make sure the tongue is inside the cuff of the boot liner. An additional strap around the top of the liner but not attached to the shell may prevent the tongue and cuff from moving and pinching. Tape or adhesive moleskin on your shins will cure the problem regardless of its cause. I skied a pair of Lange Comps (the black ones which caused the term "Lange Bang") for 5 years with tape on my shins.

Regards, John
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Throw away those Lange standard/pro/comps you've been using since 1969. Get a new pair of boots. Or I could let you use the Lange Shin Bang gel filled "gators" I used to use!
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JeffWs suggestion of booster straps is a good one. Easier and fairly effective is to do the power strap up inside of the shell to hold the tongue firm to the shin regardless of where you are as far as flexing the boot. This way make the boot ski a little softer as well. The booster strap is better just pricier as is trading in the Lange standards
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I think the problem is with those damn short skis you bought last season. You're spending too much time on the fronts of your boots because your spending too much of your time turning (especially when you consider turning is optional on many of the runs at Mt. Flatchelor). Get some longer skis and ski a straighter line.
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Need I say more?
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Pinhed! OH MY!
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Thanks for all the informative answers. I use Booster Straps now on a pair if OLD Garmonts with the steel straps around the bottom shell and I don't have any frigg'n hair left on my shins. I'll try the tape and see if it helps. I have upgraded to a 170cm for next year.:-0 And TeleMarking is for burly dudes. Did I mention it's Snowing in the Cascades!!!!!!!
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Slider- Oh how you lie lie lie! Snowing in the Cascades? - hehehehe Yeah- Bachelor got some. Wish I could get over there.

Now- lookie here... Quit using tennis shoes for ski boots! Yes, I know you can't part with you Nikes... oh - wait... that's right, you use Keds!

You see, folks, Slider's problem is the bumps. he can't have fun skiing without bumps so what he did was, while waxing up, he made his iron passes veeerrrrry slow at the tips then very slow at the boot and verrrry slow at the tails. What this did was warp the metal in his skis at those areas on the bases. This bows the bases up in those places. Results? He gets instant and constant bumps as he skis... problem solved.... But that causes his shins to move up and down inside his boots. After much scientific research I finally found the answer to his problem.

Now... to alleviate the shin problem he might want to pack the shin area with cotton on the inside of those high top Keds and maybe add some Vaseline as well. Also some Munroe double action shocks attached to the front of the skis and straped around the legs. To be OSHA compliant add rear-view mirrors to his goggles and a horn off of a Mack truck. He might want to add side wheels so when he tips on edge too far he won't boot out. Instead of wheels he can replace them with little skis on each side. In his water pack he can add Prosac and Vallium. This way he can be very calm and happy about it! From his know-it-all friend- Bob

Seriously- I don't have an answer, but it seems that the shin is perhaps moving forward in the different arc than the top of the boot is rather than moving together as one unit as it were. This might cause chafing. How to solve? I don't know... heel lifts of different thicknesses until the forward arc travel of the shin matches the forward arc of the boot top? Just a stab in the dark. Bob BTW- Any Meadows get-togethers coming soon?
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Got my new SX9 Atomics today,oh boy. I can only ski weekends so let me know when you'd like to get together for a Bear day and I'll come on up. How are you,ya old dog?
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How long is Meadows going to stay open?
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Looks like May the 2nd for Meadows.
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Different liners! ...some with an AT or alpine height!..... but there are shin pad slip_ons that I've seen somewhere??? (

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Thanks for the link HaveSkisWillClimb. The tounge pads look like the hot set-up. Taped my shins yesterday and skier all day with no problems. The SX9 Atomics I thought,even out preformed the SL 9.12's. Great all around ski and what a carving machine.
Still snowing in the mts,going for one more day. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Tanx- doing fine. built a dumb duck house. Now we're doing a chicken coop. We'll have eggs all over the place. Pick a week end and let me know. slatz- see if you can sneak out. Stay at our place. Sue too!!!
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Next Sunday? April 25?
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I'll try for it. Will let the wife know... make sure she hasn't anything else planned. Will post here in time.
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I have to be in Chicago 4/24 for the Central ACC meeting. The cheapest flight I could find that day was $342 ORD to PDX. Guess I can't make it.
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Slatz- hitch hike!!!!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Hard to make it from Chicago to Portland in 12 or 14 hours. Especially with skis. Getting back isn't a problem. It's just the Saturday thing.
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