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Report from Snowbasin

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Things are going incredibly well with the Olympic speed courses at Snowbasin. They tested both the men's and women's downhills yesterday - forerunners on the women's hit 84 mph. I didn't see any speeds on the men's, but it is d**n fast.

Eberharter won the first men's training run today, and Ralves was third. The courses are in absoutely perfect condition and the weather forecast is looking pretty good for the men's downhill to go as scheduled on Sunday and the women's on Monday.

You can't fully appreciate what it must be like to ski these courses in a tuck without actually standing on the course. I think I'd pee my pants if I were standing at the start wand with the timer counting down.

Aside from the fact the 3:15am seems awfully early, I'm having a ball as a course worker grunt. Being that close to all that talent is unbelievable.

Tomorrow is the second men's training run (we'll be looking for more speed and refined lines from the racers now that they've skied it once) and the first run for the women.

I'll post another report tomorrow night.

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excellent. Thanks for the heads-up.. o.k. I called Snowbasin and reserved tickets for spouse and I on Sunday and Monday.. the lift tickets are $48 and the friendly phone lady was saying we could see more from the hill than the $1000 tickets in the stand. We'll see.. gonna be a blast. Races begin at 10:00 to 11:30 and then there are practice runs in the afternoon. {mens downhill Sunday, women's practice in aft., Womens downhill Sun. Men's combined practice in the afternoon..} should be fun.. don't have a lot of expectations, will probably see more of the practice, but it sure will be fun to ski around that hill on those days... will report in

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Bob I had the chance to ski the Men's course last season, that thing is unreal! The first shot out of the gate is really steep, and super icy! These men and women are true athletes! Have a great time!
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Course workers have formed an informal radio network (FRS 8-08) for reporting on the race. Thursday the starts were covered, and we hope to be able to radio finish times as they happen today. Listen in when you're on the mountain.
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