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Advice on skis for a teenager please

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My daughter is giving me severe grief about a new pair of skis

She is 15 years old and has been skiing for six years now. We ski about 25 days a year, usually 15 on the east coast - mainly at Killington - and 10 days on the west coast at Heavenly. I'm not sure how to describe her abilities - she happily skis any black run on the mountain, not always as fast as I would like perhaps. She is less happy on double black diamonds, and is not at all happy on ice. If we take group lessons at Killington, she comes in the top adult group with me and doesn't seem to hold us up at all.

She currently skis a rather old pair of 140cm K2s (can't remember the model). She is 5'2" tall, weighs around 100lb and takes a size 6(UK) shoe. Last year we invested in a pair of Salomon X-Wave 8's for her size 25MP (maybe slightly out on the size, the boots are up in the attic just now). She tried the women's specific model but prefered the men's - go figure.

Last easter she demoed several pairs of skis and claimed her favourites were the Atomic Diva 9.6s - perhaps she just liked the top-sheet graphics. We didn't buy any skis then as we weren't sure if she'd finished growing. But now a new season is approaching and she hasn't got any taller for a year, so I'm finding it hard to resist her whining.

My questions are:
1) how long should we go with the ski
2) how "advanced" a ski should she get
3) any specific recommendations
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My daughter is 11 and about the same height but heavier. She is very aggressive and this year I got her atomic sugar daddies in 153. Some people might argue this ski is to fat for her but she demo'd some fat skis and her skiing improved off-piste quite a bit. I would recomend a park ski like the k2 fujative or the public enemy in 159. Or you could go with the female specific ski the missdemeanor which also comes in a 150. All of those skis are supposed to be really fun(Thatsagirl raved about the missdemeanors) and are not too expensive. Park skis are your best bet they tend to be soft medium fat and fun and should improve her double diamond performance. If you buy the 159's that will give her room to grow so they will last several years.

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oh and let us know if you are around Killington or Mad River and maybe we will take some runs with ya
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What terrain did she demo the skis on? If she demoed them on-piste but likes to ski off-piste then the twins recommended by Alfonse might be a better bet. At her size I'd think the women's models (Missdemeanor) would have a more suitable flex, and 154 should be fine, 159 if she's faster/more aggressive.

Other similar skis that could fit the mold of a women's twin around 80 mm in the waist (plenty for the east, enough for the occasional trip west) would be the Line Shadow, Volkl Kaya, Rossi Scratch FS Girl, all should have older models out there for savings.

And although basing a ski decision on graphics isn't ideal, it's a very personal, intimate decision, and she won't be completely happy unless she likes the graphics too. Let her indulge a litte, typically girls prefer the graphics on twins too, though they aren't always for everyone.
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As long as she's still skiing, and not snowboarding, give her anything she wants!

My daughter virtually stopped growing by age 15, so our investment in a good pair of Volkls has paid off. She loves them.

If your girl knows what she wants (Diva's), make her a happy teenager. For most girls, the graphics are as important as performance. It's not trivial. Sizing will probably be in the 150's - depending upon skill.

Your life will be better - no whining - and she'll be grateful, and still skiing.
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