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I understand there's one used by ski patrollers, too:
as in:
Stupid Person On Rental Equipment
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Forgot to explain, Frank Richards wrote a series of books about Greyfriars school, and a pupil called Billy Bunter, which then became a TV show years ago.

Billy Bunter = Punter

...and that's why they are called Billies

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The term gaper comes out of the Northwest, it donates someone who is new to the skiing experience and to the terrain this sport is played in. That is why a Gaper stands around with his or her mouth ajar looking in awe at their surroundings, not knowing what to do next. It is not a term of endearment, but a derogatory term with an implyed meaning, namely 'you don't belong here, so go back to the city where you came from because your only in my way!'
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Yeah David, as an ex-patroller I can confirm SPORE although we didn't assume stupid. 'S' stands for spastic! As in 'On my, there is a bus load of SPORES from Detroit in the parking lot ...this is going to be a busy day!'
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David and all, today I went skiing, and thought
about this thread...
I was waiting at the bottom of the gondola (cable car) for the car to come in, when a guy, raising a lot of noise, jumped over the turnable gate (the one which usually stops skiers until they put their pass in for checking) and accessed the waiting area. Before him, his son (a 17-18 yrs old boy) was already shaking his head in disbelief...
The guy (the father, that is), went straight to the liftees, and started complaining that his pass was a daily pass, and that being 14.30 he should have been granted access by the machine...
The liftees tried to explain, to no avail, that maybe, the machine had blocked the access to the waiting area because the maximum number of people that the cable car could transport had been reached.
Which was not true, since there few of us.
I, bear in mind that I'm not a local at that hill, nor at any hill around here, crossed
the look with two local girls, and all three shook our heads in mute agreement.
Eventually the liftee come out of his control room and went to check the gate, finding it open (that is, the guy did put the pass into the
machine, the machine did validate it, but he did not notice it)...
By then, the cable car arived, and the same guy shove his way through the few people waiting to enter, just to be first...
ME and the two girls still sat outside the car, waiting...
after 5 minutes, the guy came out of the car, complaining loudly about the cable not leaving the valley station...
He had missed a big sign at the entrance, where it was written that after mid day, the cable car was running only each half an hour...
(that's why I did not move when the cable car arrived, nor did the two local girls move, nor
did move at least 70% of the people waiting)
His behaviour did qualify this guy to me as a gaper (and to all others), not his clothing.
It was very clear that the guy did not belong there, did not know how to bewhave, and did not even care to look around and read signs!
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