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White Rocks 9/23

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White Rocks Vermont is classified as a national recreational area. It is located in Wallingford Vermont just south of Rutland. I was lucky enough to go to school near this gem and explored it extensively at the time. It has become my goto hike in Vermont. Instead of trudging up a hill for 3 hours to see a pretty view for 10 minutes it is a far more HANDS on hike. A glacier sheared off the side of a mountain and created extensive boulderfields. We climb up the boulders the whole way up. Then on the way down if you know where to go there are four beautiful secluded waterfalls. This was my third time here in the past 5 weeks. One of the biggest plusses about hiking here is you rarely if ever see people. Noone knows about the place and they certainly do not go up the boulderfields if they do.

So the stage was set, the weather looked horrid. It was pouring all morning but the forecast said a break from the showers at 1. We showed at 1:30. For some reason I believed them, but for once they were right.

As you can see we started out and it was foggy


The rocks were wet which made it more technical and certainly more messy but no less fun. Here is a picture of my friend X flashing the sign a bit higher up


Here are the ladies negotiating more boulders


No scenic top photos, but to be honest thats not the strength of this hike, especially not this day. Last week when we did it we watched hawks flying the thermals and avoiding a goshawk for a long time at the top but the weather was much nicer that day. So after a short hike on the long trail and then a long descent which I treated like a long ski run we cut into the woods to the waterfalls. Here I am with one of the ladies by a waterfall


The two ladies


Here we are at a lower waterfall, you can see some wet clothes cause we all dunked out heads in the water. The previous two times here we jumped in but chose not to this time. Even in early august that water is COLD.


We had a great day out and I highly recomend the hike. It does take some exploration to learn the place though. To get a good view of the area take the ice beds trail and you walk up a small hill with excellent overlooks of the mountain so you can make a gameplan on how to climb it. The leaves were beginning to change as you can see and I expect foliage to be a bit early with peak being before columbus day. Hope to see you on the mountain, summer or winter Oh and I have been told there are some excellent skiable chutes at white rocks but have never tried.

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I really need to talk you into posting hot links to your pictures. It really helps with the continuity of things (Tutorial here)

I love the eastern streams, forest and rocks. Like a rain forest compared to here.

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