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Where I was, everything was well covered with a combination of natural and wind blown man-made, I'll agree that it's rarely like that. Yes I used to ride those trails in the summer, but you can also see all the logs and rocks from the lifts during winter usually.

The woods I skied were low angle (front side) and I skied slow. The injury occurred on-piste (almost). I was just going around one tree at the side of Limelight, when I caught an edge and went right into the tree. I think that could have happened skiing close to the edge, lose control and go into a tree. The tree skiing I was doing earlier, in the woods, really was safer than you think. Some risk, of course, but not insane. I was going faster and being less careful (being "off-piste" for only two turns) when I got hurt.. Even falling on a race course can cause a snapped collarbone...

That one didn't calcify either, it's still in two pieces, but it doesn't hurt anymore. It took about two years to become pain free. My latest collarbone (my third clavicle fracture, broken in April, bike/car collision, driver's fault) is healing (yeah!), I did a lot of PT to regain range of motion and strength this time.
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Yeah there are some spots where the man made blows in a little and works as a decent base layer. If you know the resort well, you can minimize the danger. But real tree skiing, away from the wind blown manmade, is just begging for trouble.
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