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lack of snow-comfort me

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going to breck dec. 12-16...little concerned about the lack of snow..i noticed on webcams the upper trails seem to have snow but minimal on lower trails..with the warmer temps. and lack of snow, should i worry about limited runs? do the upper trails there usually open that time of year in these conditions? HEP ME PLEASE!
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Breck opens this Friday with skiing on Upper Columbia and Sundowner, two intermediate trails with 1,700 ft of vertical and almost two miles long. This terrain will be serviced by the Beaver Run Super chair-a high speed quad.

As for mid December-who knows. It's getting a little colder but there are no storms in the immediate forecast.

Vail and Beaver Creek have both delayed their openings due to high temperatures and a lack of natural snow. Quite a change from last year.
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Similar question, different state. I'm headed to Alta/Snowbird over Christmas (yes, I know the crowds will be horrendous), so what are the chances of good snow cover by late december? any predictions?
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Not just the US west; snow cover in the PNW is pretty bad right now. Two weeks ago I was working up at 1300m, basking in 40cm of white stuff. Went up to the same spot yesterday, and its all gone, raining, and about 10degC.

I'm going up to Whistler for a week in 1 1/2 weeks, so I hope it smartens up. If not, I guess we'll just have to bask in the hot tub and enjoy the nightlife. At least we'll save money on lift tickets!
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(manical, hysterical laughter induced by lack of snow)
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