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Utah Skiing in December???

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We are thinking about planning a trip to Utah the second or third week in December. (Alta, Snowbird, Solitude). We were thinking it would be alot less crowded than the week after christmas or newyears. How is the snow like on a normal year during the month of december. I know it is impossible to predict it now but do most of the Utah resorts normally have almost everything open by this time.
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I've been to Utah the past few Decembers and I can tell you with certainty that it's...impossible to predict how the snow will be. This year, timed it right, it was great. Still, as good a chance as anywhere else (if not better), if you must plan in advance.
Utahns will have more specifics.
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This year, we had no snow the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Sure an foot or so may have fallen, but not enough to cover the rocks. So I went to California for the long weekend. I returned to find that well over 100 inches had fallen in the Cottowood Canyons, and made for an amazing opening weekend at all the resorts. Last year, I was skiing well before Thanksgiving weekend.

If I were a betting man, I would book the trip. If I were paying the bill, I'd strongly consider the trip. You've got a great chance of great snow, even if all areas within the resort boundarys are not open. If your a steep skier, you may want to wait another month for some more terrain to open up.

Crowds will consist mostly of powder hungary locals such as myself, but not much more. Lines will be short, deals will be hot.

We get amazing amounts of snow here in Utah, sometimes we play the gamble and get far and few storms. If you look at Alta as an indicator, you will see that they have made their average of 500 inches each of the last 20 years. For that much snow to fall, you have to get quite a bit early in the season.

We'll look forward to seeing you!
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Itcan be real good, then again----
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difficult to predict but if history is any guide

it will be fun, I would suggest second week, less crowds.
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Wulf, one thing that the Cottonwood Canyons of Utah have over other Central Rockies' resorts is the "Lake Effect." This means that if any kind of a early season storm passes over Utah, the Great Salt Lake adds a fair amount of moisture to that storm, and most of this extra moisture is deposited on Alta, Snowbird, Solitude, and Brighton. While a typical early season might produce a few medium storms, each one producing anywhere from a few inches to a foot of new snow at Park City, Vail, and Jackson Hole, Alta can get two feet or more from each of those storms. No guarantees, of course, but if there are storms out there, then the smart money's on the Cottonwoods for best early season coverage.
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