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Atomics that aren't 1 & 3

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I've a customer who's in the process of buying some tuning gear of me who has just bought a pair of Atomic GS11 Race Dept skis.

They have a sticker on the wrapper saying that the base is 0.5 degrees & the side is 1.5 degrees. This contradicts the "all Atomics are tuned 1 & 3" doctrine.

Are the race dept skis 'under tuned' to allow the user to set them up to their own preference?
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Don't believe everything you read, even if it is on a sticker.

I couldn't definitively tell you that those skis are 1 & 3 (maybe someone else can), but I can definitely tell you that other skis with the same sticker are (1 & 3, that is).
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I have been assured by the Atomic race department that all those skis are 1 & 3. The sticker is not correct when it comes to the bevels.
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