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Motion system

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Lets say I want to have two pairs of Volki Motion type skis and save on bindings.
Is that possible to by the skis without bindings somewhere? In my local shop answer was NO.

Just curious.
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yeah, the answer probably is "No." this sucks though and is such a huge marketing ploy. first of all, everyone knows that bindings usually outlast skis (witness 5 year warantee on most bindings, 1-2 yrs on most skis), this system crap is going to make you buy bindings more often. secondly, if they really wanted to come up w/ a great idea, what about a madtrix-ish system where you can remove your ski binding and put it on a completely different ski. i.e. have a pair of madtrix's, but be able to swap those bindings over to a gs race ski, and then over to a head monster. how cool would that be? hopefully that's not too far away.
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In the shop I was told that is not possible because it is new system. If Volki sticks to that innovation for couple of years most probably they will start to sell “skis only” as well. However, it does not seem to me very convincing now.
Even from marketing point of view their position is nonsense. Pair of spare Motion binding is great incentive to be Volki loyal, if you are happy with performance.
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02/03 season Volkl is going to go with 3 "categories" of Motion bindings. On their P50 GS, P50 SC (SL) and Supersport T50 (111-68-98) will have Piston Control Motion, a 1400 Comp binding with a Piston Control Interface. The P50, Carver, Vertigo Motions are back, with a 1200 Motion binding, though one could get a 1400 on the P50. That Supersport T50 also has an option for the 1200. Then a bunch of their skis have a Motion 12/Motion 10 system, little different toepiece-heelpiece design. These include the G2, a couple of Carvers, and some 20/20 skis. Also another Supersport T50 (112-67-97). Don't know what they are, maybe a Crossmax competitor? The only skis that have the with or without option are the P50GS, Supersport T50, and a couple of Carvers, though I could not tell you if the without options include the rails.

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Oh well, if you cant't put other brands of bindings on them that eliminates Volkl from my choice of skis. Pity, Volkl make some good skis but I have issues with Marker bindings.
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Kiwi, I personally hate Marker bindings, however, own two pair of Volkl skis. My answer, stay away from the Motion system. Look into the Vertigo line if you like their skis and don't want a system. I'm not sold on systems yet either.
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Kiwi, Volkl has plenty of versions that don't have binding systems. Vertigo G3 is the same ski as the Vertigo Motion minus the integral rail to accept Motion binding system. But I didn't see any ski listed that had the Motion system sold without binding---where one could have one set of bindings and switch out to ? pairs of Volkl Motion skis.

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The first time I got on the Motion system I didn't like them at first. Once you learn to ski them full on new technique they really begin to shine. the ski makes a much more round arc in the snow and hangs on to hard pack(eastern pack) so well I felt like I was on a much longer ski.

The Pilot has much the same feel. It takes more finesse to ski but once you learn how to take advantage they are quite amazing and I loved the feel once I got them on edge and started just riding the ski around the turn.
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John J! The main concern remains. Usually bindings outlast skis. If you are motion loyal you are forced to buy bindings more often than necessary. So, option "without" would be just fair.
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I got the G-3 Vertigo instead of the motion because I want more lift,I have used Tyrolia with free flex on Volkls with good results.I put the 15mm speed plate and the powerslects 9 with free flex on the G-3 and have some p-40 with a 23mm riser and it is fun
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I think if a ski and binding system are designed to be used together, that is what you should, otherwise don't buy that ski.

On skis that are not designed to be part of an integrated system, you can switch servicable bindings from an old pair to a new pair, which I often did with my sons as they grew up.

The simplicty of the Salomon Pilot system makes switching the bindings from one pilot ski to another pilot ski a very simple thing to do. The Volkl, Rossignol, and Atomic systems seem more complicated, and therefore not very convenient to switch bindings from one ski to another.

Finally, the integrated systmes are usually priced to include the bindings, and I have often found that the pricing of the integrated system is more favorable than buying comparable skis and bindings separately.

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