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Summer Ski Camp

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Has anyone done a summer ski camp before? I just registered for World Mogul/Freeride Ski Camp at Whistler for a week this summer and I'm SO excited! I would like to get other people's experiences with ski camp if any of you guys have been to one before.

Snowy :
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I've been to Smart Mogul. It was OK. For the most part, you are taught by kids (or young adults who are still trying to be kids) who are not motivated instructors. The teachers are interested in a) earning a paycheck in the off season and b) getting time on the slopes to improve THEIR OWN skiing. The owners of the camp do everything they can to MINIMIZE the amount of skiing that the students do.

You have to remember that the camp's focus and biggest customer base is teenagers. They are sent to these camps by their parents to kill some dead time in summer. Mostly the teachers are glorified baby sitters when the teenagers are there. When the adults show up they don't transform.

However, it is great to be skiing in August. I did learn A LOT. But if you are expecting to get good individual instruction by people who's passion is to teach people to ski, you'll be disappointed.
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Ahh well.. The biggest thing for me is to actually be taking a week off of work and do nothing but ski in the summer. It'll still be great even if I don't get that much attention.

Thanks for the comments!!

Snowy :
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I agree that is wonderful to be up there during that time of year.

I ski Blackcomb one weekend per month in May, June, July, and August just to stay in the groove.

As well, if you want to ski, you don't need a camp. There are super cheap packages. I also golf a couple afternoons when I'm up there too.

I have taken the $$ I would have spent at the Camp and I go to South America. Argentina is super cheap this year after their devaluation.

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here's a good one: www.ultraski.com
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