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Aroura Borealis

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Check out the Northern Lights tonight, I've never seen them so awesome as they are right now. The most spectacular display in my 53 years.
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I wish I could! There is a lot of solar flare activity at the moment which is having a big effect on Earth. Type of effects other than the auroras are communications, flights, power grids, satellite systems, navigation systems and pigeons (they use EM field as a navigation tool)


Please post some pics if you can Lars

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Thanks for that. I thought that I had lost it a bit .... there was a pink glow in the sky here in NJ that just didn't fit into the usual urban glow to the east. Since it was to the north and west and it was a bit concentrated.
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Yup, same story down here in the DC 'burbs about an hour ago.

There was an orange-ish glow in an unusual part of the sky, NW. This glow was separated by darker regions from the usual (slightly different color) orange glows from the sodium vapor street lamps of Columbia, MD & Baltimore (to the NE), and DC (to the south).

Unfortunately, it seems to be clouding up, so I think that viewing for the night is over.

Thanks for letting everyone know.

Tom / PM
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Darn! It clouded over here this afternoon. Still is
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Saw them for the first time in my life last night in upstate NY. Very cool, lots of reds, pink, greens and blue. Truly a great show and one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.....outside of a 18" snow dump over night. So does anyone have any weather folklore about winters after seeing Northern Lights this far south.
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