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Today I went boot shopping and the place I was at had the new plug in stock so I tried it before pulling the trigger on another set of Space Blue WC130 (last year's stock): I'm poor and din't want the hassle of the punching, grinding, etc just for a few gate runs. But boy, do these feel good. When Lange said that they were going for more of a FOOT shape, it was true. I have low volume feet, tiny ankles and a v-shape foot and they felt incredible... on the left foot (couldn't get the right to feel right, but I know, plug boots for ya). Sure it's a real deal affair, but it fits my foot shape nicely, at least better than last years' plug, who had less room for the toes in front (no numbers on this, but I remember distinct suffering when I tried the 150).

So if you're in need of a plug for someone who has tiny ankles, a flat and narrow foot, this seems to be a good choice. Seemed to be more upright than the old plugs too, altough, again, no numbers. The softest flex seemed to be just a tad stiffer than the 130, but again, you just soften them by grinding them some.