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Whitegrass Video

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I found this video about one of my favorite ski resorts.

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Haha! Not much of a "resort" I suppose, but it seems to capture the soul of skiing despite the lack of lifts. I really liked the kids doing 360s on touring gear and the old ladies getting their groove on. Thanks for the link.
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Bump, no moguls, no thanks!
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I already saw this on ttips, why post it here?
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Thanks for that. It was great
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Ahhh, got a bite! Thanks for watching!
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I just watched it with my 3 year old son. He is now running around the room screaming, " SKIING, SKIING, I WANT SNOW!"

Sweet bro, thnx.
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Great, I just thought it deserved more than 24 views out of which maybe 10 clicked on the link...

tief, I think the kids doing the tele helis are Chip's (Chip Chase, founder of Whitegrass). I'm sure your 3 year old will soon be a great skier too. It's funny to see the new school freeheel 360 followed on landing by the old school low telemark, high hands (just like dad). And the other guys skiing downhill with touring length poles gripped well down the shaft. Keeping it real.
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Telerod- I've been to Whitegrass out of curiosity and to try the food, (which is great by the way) and have been wanting to try out cross country maybe this is the year. Very crunchy-cool vibe.

Canaan Valley is a real special place.
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Thanks for tickling us to watch that Telerod. Terrific. Never met Chip Chase, but now I have a great feel for him, very neat operation he has going, truly unique for south of New England.

Here's some more info on White Grass Touring Center, WV:
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