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Salomon Scream Limited

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I need a new ski for my 14yr old, 5'4" 100lb. daughter who like to run a few pay as you go NASTAR gates but mostly goes steep and deep. Baldy chutes are a pleasure for her and she wants to push a lot harder this year.

Last year I had a funny experience. She was running a course at Breck and I kept getting her longer and longer skis at the demo shack. I think that she did 155, 165 and finally 175 and she kept skiing 'em like there was no difference at all. Kind of entertaining.

Anyway, I usually turn up something decent at the swaps, but I have found an Orange "Scream Limited" (with a skin notch on the tail) in a 160 that my local shop will probably let go for about $300. The say that it is 1080 based and seems soft enough for her size, with a lot of meat to it. That 90 waist is lookin' pretty sweet and may be hard to beat for a much better price at the swaps. It seems that a nice fat ski is a little harder to find in her lenght.

I just notice that sports liquidators have the Dynastar J Nobis 158 for $260. Now that would be alot of ski... I wonder how she would handle that!



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The Scream Limited is from 2 seasons ago. It is currently being sold as the Scrambler Limited. It is basically the Spaceframe 1080s from that year without the upturned tail. This made them a little better for holding turns. They are 80mm under foot. I have one friend who owns a pair & loves them. He has had numerous top end skis and finds the Scream Limited much more fun because he doesn't have to fight them in tight spots & moguls. Considering they originally sold for around $600 and they are a couple seaons old your local shop should let them go for well under $300.
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