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wide boards

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why dont the best boards ever come in wide?? this year the vaper comes in 163 w but its still now very wide. Does anyone know of anything new thats excellant and comes in wide?
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not wide enough

Yeah, Burton on the whole are pretty narrow sticks. I'm not sure what style of riding or performance your looking for out of the board, but here are few ideas:

- Volkl Squad Prime Wide - (freestyle - twin shape)

- Volkl Summit - (all-mountain/freeride - directional)

- Volkl Pulse - (freestyle/freeride - slightly directional)

Let me know if you have any questions.

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You could probably find an older k2 board that was on the wide side, especially the fat bob.
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Don't understand it either. Never Summer makes fantastic wide boards. I honestly think any boot over a 10 should be on a waste over 26 cm with normal angles. Seems like a lot of people are 10 and over so I'm really surprised by the lack of wide boards.

Wow the numbers on those Volkls look great also. I love less sidecut on snowboards. Wondering why the effective edge is so short compared to the listed length?
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Donek has two wide models in their freeride series -- the Wide (26 cm waist) and Sasquatch (28 cm waist). The Phoenix 163w is a wider size of their freestyle board.

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Atomic is selling a wide version of the award winning Alibi this season.

I've been riding the wide Atomic Terminal and love it.

I'm starting to think a two board quiver is the way to go for me. A 163 wide Alibi and a 170ish wide Neversummer are in my future.
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im currently looking at the baron es by burton... and the board i have now is a k2 union 164. would there be a big differance? if i had another board i really dont know that much about boards...... I was also looking the new vapor but i dunno if the 163 W size would be wide enuff for my 12.5 in boots

i am advanced intermediate i never do rails, i love to hit jumps , but mostly ride for speed carving and a 360 here n there .. im looking for a board that will take me father if possible then what i have, im not looking to waste my money if my board is already great. Ive had 3 seasons with this board already.. Jib those voelkl snowboards looked cool which do u reccomend for my type of riding?
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