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What are crowds like the week AFTER New Years Day?

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My wife and I are looking at taking a 5 day trip beginning January 2, 2006. We are limited to this week, she is a elementary school teacher, and this is the only cost-reasonable time frame that we will be able to take a ski trip this year. (ie. Christmas week and March Break are out of the question)

The question I have is: Are the major resorts (we're thinking either Whistler/Blackcomb or the SLC area resorts) mobbed like they are during the true holiday weeks? Or has demand petered out by this point...

Any idea as to what we can expect would be appreciated! On a side note, will snow conditions generally be pretty good at the above noted resorts in the early January timeframe? Can we expect full coverage at this time in an average year?
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The crowds tend to be less during those time frames. Park City gets hit around mid January with Sundance film festival. Whistler tends to have a more international clientele but mid-week in January is not bad at all.

We were at Breck a few days after New Years in '06 and even on a Saturday the longest we waited for a chair was no more than 5-6 minutes. The snow coverage was excellent but this past snow season was above average.
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We did a three-day trip to Alta, Deer Valley, and the Canyons starting the Friday after New Year's one year, somewhere around three to five years ago.

Alta was virtually empty on the Friday, although we chose that to avoid the weekend crowds that sometimes come up. Snow conditions were good, but I think they'd gotten some snow in the week since the crowds left.

Deer Valley on Saturday was great, but I'm not sure if DV ever actually gets crowded. In any event, we found some solitude in the cut-up stuff off on the border with PCMR.

The Canyons was crowded, but I don't have a basis to compare to know whether it was better or worse than usual.
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That is considered a very slow week in the travel industry. We were in Park City that week once and there were available rooms in the place we stayed and not a lot of crowds.

It was advised to us that it is a great time to book trips as you can usually get reduced rates because it's such a slow week. Ask for a discount!

As to snow conditions, who knows? It can be awesome or abysmal.
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MUCH less crowded than true holidays.

Weather iffy at WB, GTD GREAT in SLC. Me, SLC and a plethora of mountains. Oh, don't forget Big White/Silver Star/Sun Peaks, interior BC, much more stable winter patterns, cheaper than US. We only know Sun Peaks, and can vouch for a nice, laidback resort.

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I think I found the hills much less crowded, but that could be because we had a week of freezing rain, and few people ventrued onto the double blacks because of they were covered with several inches of hard ice. It was great for speed freaks though.
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I went back and checked my diaries for the last few years, and that week is surprisingly quiet. New Year's and the day after are kind-of busy, and then it drops right away, everyone just vanishes (they are all fighting each other in the airports and highways).
The week after that, and the one after, are quieter still!
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Yep, no brainer. That's a good week. You'll have a great time.
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The last three years we have always taken our trips that week and the crowds have been very light. The condo pricing was also considerably cheaper. This was the case in both Summit County and Tahoe area.

We always had to take that week due to my daughter's college schedule. Now that she's done I think we'll still stick with that time since it always worked out so well.
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Last year, we went to Stowe that week, arrived on the night of the 1st of Jan and we had a great week, practically had the slopes to ourselves and we didn't have to queue for a lift once!
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not terribly familiar with the week after, but i come from a family that has long regarded New Years Day and Superbowl Sunday as "Holy Skiing" days. most folks are terribly hung over on NYD and you'd be suprised at how many skiers are also devout pigskin worshipers (I, on the other hand, am not). can only imagine that the week after NY would be mellow, then again you always should check with the local area's vacation schedules (one person's Spring Break is another's end of the semester...ditto for Christmas and NY).
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And Sundays in Utah....
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That should be a good week for either W/B or SLC. I think I would take SLC as dead-of-winter flat light in the Whistler alpine could be difficult.

Not sure why March break is such a problem. Spring breaks are dispersed over many weeks, so prices can't be jacked up like the concentrated Christmas-to-New-Year's time.
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Agreed with Tony on March breaks -- whether because they're less concentrated, or because people are starting to think spring, they don't have nearly the effect that President's Weekend has a few weeks prior.
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We've found that first week of January is usually low density, but can also be low snow, depending on area. Note that this year the fed long range forecasts are for a drier and warmer January-February everywhere except the NE and South.
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