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Are you going to spend more time in Vail/Beaver Creek or more time in Summit County? If the former, stay in the Vail valley.
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So basing myself on Main street itself - it isn't too noisy on the night?
We stayed right on Main St. last year and there were no issues with noise at night. It really isn't a late night party scene by any means. We did have a bit of noise in the morning as our condo was above a bagel shop. When they came in to make the bagels, they played music while they worked. They weren't blaring it or anything, I guess it just carried through the ventilation system. At least it was good music and it helped get us up early for first chair. And their bagels were awesome!
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Whether the casue is AMS or dehydration, the anecdote is the same.

No alcohol, lots of water & light food intake!

Living at 5400' invalidates your comments!
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Originally Posted by Gpaul View Post
How many days do you plan on skiing? My timeframe would be: 2 days each copper, breck, 1 day kstone. 2 days beaver, 3-4 vail, 3-4 snowmass, 1 aspen, 1 highlands.

Vicariously yours, Gpaul.
Thats 17 days skiing - I wish

I have 9,- 3 days at Vail/Beaver and then breck, keystone, loveland and copper. I would love to be able to fit in Aspen but I think its too long a drive - oh well another time.

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I stayed in Silverthorne for a week last April. Starting on the 15th. We closed Copper on the 16th skiied vail 2 days, Breck 2, and A Basin 2.
I don't see much mention of Arapahoe Basin in this thread. Please don't miss that one. it has got to be one of my favorites. Especially during Beach Party season.
We got a good deal on a multi area pass 7 out of 9 days through Vail. (Didn't include Copper though, no sweat for me I work for Intrawest in the east). Also, I can speak well of the Dillon Brew Pub. A cold one at the end of the day really works well for me.
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Oh heck, anything you do with those mountains is good. Buena Suerte!
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Originally Posted by JoeSchmoe View Post
Would the 600 or 700 ft altitude difference between Breck and Frisco/Silverthorne be noticable?
1 full week in Breck = roughly 15 hours of sleep.

1 full week in Frisco = 7 hours sleep a night.

Strictly anecdotal, but for me the cutoff for sleeping seems to be less than Brecks 9600 feet.

Frisco is a good base for hitting all of Summit County's resorts. Glenwood Springs is a cool little town with great hotsprings.
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Hire a car in Denver, stay overnight there if you arrive fairly late in the day, you can drive straight into a reasonably priced motel just off the freeway. Spending one night at Denver altitude will help a lot with acclimatising to the altitude.

Then hit REI and the big Gart Sports main store, and pick up some great bargain ski gear.

I would agree with Frisco, but it's a stone's throw from Dillon and Silverthorne so you will still be closer to the amenities (shops, food etc) Frisco has a much nicer 'town' atmosphere.

It's an easy drive anywhere from Frisco, Breck, Keystone, Vail and Beaver Creek are all within day trip distance.

However, splitting your trip between Frisco, then moving on to Avon or Edwards to ski Vail and Beaver Creek makes good sense also.
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I travel to Summit County every March and I usually rent an SUV - but you really don't need one. Colorado keeps the highways very clear and the ski areas you're looking at are not in remote areas. For some reason Alamo usually has a good price on SUVs every winter. Watch for the deals about January or February. But I'd reserve a car now just in case. I'd also recommend driving to Aspen. The scenery through Glenwood is spectacular and worth the drive. It's about 2 hours to Aspen from Summit County. Last winter we drove over and stayed the night at Aspen Mountin Lodge - for $99! I just checked and their rates drop this year on 3/24 to $109. I never thought I'd find a decent place in Aspen for that price.
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Compared to Breckenridge, Frisco is far less noisy at night, but it still has lots of activities. If you want real quiet, try Dillon, but it's so quiet that for me, a former NYC girl, it's sometimes spooky.:
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