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Barking Bear in ICU

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Mntlion, a poster both here and on tgr, was involved in a serious motorcycle crash. He has made it out of surgery after losing a kidney and his spleen.

Here are the TGR threads:

I wish him and his family the best
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Oh man That is bad news. Hope he has speedy recovery.
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Best wishes and prayers for Mntlion and his family.
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I really liked that cats posts. Speedy recovery.
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All my best hopes for his speedy recovery. Good luck to ya . You got some of the bad now how about some good to even it out?
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Though Mntlion is a fixture over at TGR, he's also posted here more and for longer than many a bear.

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Get well man, you are a great and appreciated benefit to hardcore skiers.:
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So sorry to hear, hope you bounce back fast, mtnlion.
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You are in my prayers. Take care of yourself and please keep us in the loop when you are up to it.

Best wishes.

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That really sucks! Sending positive vibes mntlion's way! Heal up fast!
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Mtnlion, praying for you, friend. We'll miss you, but heal up and live strong...
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Sad to hear - rest and get well!
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Get well soon MntLion
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Thoughts and prayers to ya'. Remember that ski porn is a great healing agent.....It helps pass the time.
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OMG! :

He offered to take me on a tour of the Dive at SSV last year, but sadly I wasn't able to meet up with him. All the best and here is hoping for a speedy recovery!
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Heal well, mtnlion.

Good luck and hang in there.
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I have never met you but your input here is greatly appreciated, whenever i see one of your or L7's posts i always have to check what its about. Definetly helps me to stay on top of whats going on around here. Good luck man,, Get well soon ..

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Wish him all the best.
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I lost my spleen in a ski-tree collision, and it's a drag. Immune system is compromised.

The good news: you can live okay without the spleen (bone marrow takes over white blood-cell purification), and without one kidney.

With some luck and good care, we'll see him back on the hill next year.

Ditto on the good posts by Mtnlion. Always worth a read. He's a pro.
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Buena Suerte Amigo!
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My thoughts are with you Mntlion, heal fast and well!

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Very sorry to hear -- heal soon. Lots of +++++++++++++ vibes your way, Mntlion!
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Hope you heel fast and well Mntlion. My best wishes for better days ahead.

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Oh man, that sucks Dave. You've got a good outlook on life, a sense of humor, and always good suggestions when asked.

Speedy get-well... and glad they caught the wounds!

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Get well soon Mntlion and best of luck in the future!!!
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Belated, but m thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery.
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Mntlion, positive vibes on a quick, complete recovery.
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heal quick..

thoughts and prayers go with you..
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Feeling a little better

In his own words about his accident
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