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Lost & $ound

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The thread about stealing skis had me ponder on other things I've lost on the mountain or found. I always turn in ski gear I find on the hill, that isn't mine. Now a $20 gettin blown down a run. Catching it is another story. I bet there's a few I-pods laying around in the trees. Why it's a gold mine under the lifts in summer.
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I've found money, weed, wine. I remember sitting on hay bales under a lift tower with a grossly over-weight student who needed a break, drinking red wine from a bota bag we had found on the first leg of our short descent.

Another time a saw a bag of weed falling from the chair ahead of me. I raced to get it, the dopers also racing but not skilled. I had it in my pocket before they got there. I skied slowly down and boarded the triple with the miscreants. They told me how they had lost their weed and I said "Have some of mine!" and handed them the contraband. They were willing to share their newfound bounty. Another time I found what I believed to be hashish in a film can.
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So you're a member of the Safety Committee. Every get lucky on the hill?
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I "found" a couple women on the slopes who became girlfriends but never "knocked ski boots" so to speak.
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I lose something during just about every ski trip. Not falling from the chair, but just accidentally leaving something behind. One glove, two fleece jackets, goggles, sunglasses.
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Being a Mt Ambassador I find a lot of things that I always turn into Lost & Found. Even the wallet full of money and credit cards. That one was handled a bit differently.
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I left a nice fleece vest at Killington once. I've lost a watch while skiing at Whistler (pin came out of the watch band). I've found a couple of cell phones and some sunglasses on the snow. Other than that, nothing worth going out of my way for. I left 2 pair of skis/poles on a ski rack at the base of Mt Snow until 9pm one time. unlocked. Brand new stuff. They were still there when I went back for them.
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white badge

I passed my cert. in 1964...the badge at that time was white--some of you might remember. It came off while using the rope tow--some of you might remember those.....AND it was found during spring thaw, slightly scratched, but now a treasured memory.....there weren`t many full certs. at that time and mgmt knew it was mine.....
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