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Im selling my suit cause i've finished racing and am in need of money for a mountaineering kit. So if any of you need a race suit for beer league racing or really any FIS event this is the suit. Has no pads so is very versatile as it means you can use it for both GS and DH.

Rossignol DH unpadded race for sale 2002-3 Edititon. FIS legal suit.
It has only been used for 2 seasons limited use (2003 and 2004), for exactly 3 days a season when i had my races during a week long event
It is size L. It was a rossi team issue which i got through a friend (had to pay for it myself, payed 800AUD so i did not get it for free) with a very minimal amount of wear.

Please email me with any questions.
$200 ONO shipped to America (not sure what it will cost but i know it is usually 30usd=40aud to ship ski jackets from us to aus), 170 to aus or email me your offer.

Sorry but i cant get any more pics, my digi Coolpix 4200, the lens died (wont come out) and im needing to get a new camera, if you want to trade? willing to give money aswell for a good camera, 6+megapixels

here's the pic