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Bode Blows Them Away In Park City... !!

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BY .86 SECONDS....!!!

Wow....after seeing Bode race here in Winter Park in the
Chevy Nor-Am races on Wednesday.... it was no surprise...

I think this is the year that that world is going to see an American as the Number 1 skier in the World Cup....!!!

And Congrats to Dane Spencer for taking 13th place in a very talented field of world-class skiers...

The United States Ski Team has only just started to show what kind of talent we have here in the Good Ole U.S.A.!!!!
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I don't think I've seen another skier since Stenmark that could equal Bodie. I saw him at P.C. last March. Way to go Bodie! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Thanks for the update Joe at WP -

I saw on the ussa.org site that Bode had been in 2nd after the first run - must've been a H@%#! of a second run!

Do you know what the times were, and the top three finishers?

Also saw very bad news for Schlopy - he sustained an injury in a fall while leading in the first run. Apparently it's his ACL, but it wasn't confirmed.

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Here it is.....

Win No. 8 for Bode in Park City

PARK CITY, Utah (Nov. 22) – World Cup leader and reigning world champion Bode Miller (Franconia, NH) emphatically ended what he called an "embarrassing" victory drought by American men in World Cup races on American soil Saturday, capturing his second consecutive giant slalom. He won by nearly a second – the first U.S. men's victory since March 1984 when Bill Johnson won a downhill in Aspen, Colo.

NBC will televise coverage of the Chevy Truck America's Opening GS on Dec. 20 at 2 p.m. EST.

In a race when teammate Erik Schlopy (Park City, UT) injured his left knee in a first-run crash, Miller's winning time for the eighth victory of his career was 2:20.84. Andreas Schifferer of Austria was second (2:21.70) with teammate Hans Knauss, who led Miller by .11 after the first run at Park City Mountain Resort, third. Dane Spencer (Boise, ID), the only U.S. skier in the second run, was 2:22.84.

Miller led both runs and won the season-opening GS Oct. 26 at Soelden, Austria, by 1:12. "I had a good race in Soelden but today I had good intensity," he said.

After the first run, held in seven-degree weather, he explained the blustery wind created problems because it caused racing gates to twist, and buckle, forcing them onto the course at different points. One panel bent in front of him and, after leading by .87 he had to swing wide, costing him several tenths of a second.

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Wow - good stuff!

And for a great laugh, check out the photos on yahoo:

shot after shot of guys with ideal form...
and then Bode, coming down nearly sideways, on one ski, regaining his balance on the way to the podium! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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I just read Tigerpaw's post about Eric Schlopy's injury, and had turned on the tv, when a skier blew out big time, with the black sides up a la Maier in Nagano. I guessed who it was before he stopped, and sure enough, it was Eric. What a strange coincidence! I just felt sick, knowing what happened, and right in front of his home town, too...Good luck to ya, guy. I think I'll now go out and buy a lottery ticket. : : :
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Can you not post spoilers anymore, or post them in the post itself with a warning on the subject line?
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Have to agree with Tiger on this one. The highlights were on OLN and I'm sure there will a blurb (ever so short) in the papers. It will still be worth seeing in a few weeks. The real problem here is the lack of live coverage for our sport, especially when the event is in the US.

: : :
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Originally posted by Joe at W.P.:
The United States Ski Team has only just started to show what kind of talent we have here in the Good Ole U.S.A.!!!!
Bode rips it and Rahlves can ski but the US does not have the depth of the big Euro's.
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Pete - Many of us here I'm sure loathe spoiler headings, but frankly, this race won't be broadcast for 4 weeks(!). FOUR WEEKS. That hardly qualifies as a spoiler at all. If a person is genuinely treating a FOUR WEEK delay broadcast as their primary ski news source, I'd humbly suggest that person might want to lay off the message boards during the ski season. :
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I know I will be awaiting future OLN coverage for FIS with great anticipation. For me that means that I can not sign on to this forum as I may be subjected to the results by merely seeing the headline "Bode rocks at Adelboden" or whatever. So if it was up to me, everybody would be prohibited to spoiling it with the headline. True, in the case of Park City, we will not see it for another week and a half, and I am sure it would have been very difficult to stay away from Bode's result that long. But what is wrong with a headline such as "Park City GS Report" or something similar? That way I can choose to open it and get the information that the poster is eager to share.
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I learned the lesson of not spoiling the fun for others last year. The problem is, we Americans may have a delayed broadcast, but that doesn't mean everyone else on the planet does too.

Please don't give it away for those us that choose to ski rather than sitting in front of the tube watching skiing; we'll view the race on video/TiVo at a later time and/or date and would like to let the events unfold without knowing the outcome.

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If the race is in Europe you can "watch" the live timing on Eurosport and still make the first chair.
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