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Salomon Thermic Fit boots

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how does this work, is it something I can do at home or not.

Does it really make a difference in fit? can you change it later?

First post here, hello to all, the forum looks like it is loaded with info and activity.
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Hm. Maybe this is what my friend was talking about. She worked in a shop for a few years and told me that for Salomon boots you can heat them with a hairdryer till they get really hot, jam your foot in, and the liner forms. She said you can do it 3 - 4 times.
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When I was doing some work with Salomon in the mid 90's, the first generation of these was out and we were testing them when we tested the pro-pulse. For my low volume foot, I still couldn't get a good fit. If you have a bigger foot, it should be good, but a med to smaller vol. foot. not worth it.
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Has anyone actually done the heat fitting on their own?
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not really on point but you should look at the verse.
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too late, I already bought a pair online. Got a great deal, just need to fit them now.
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Ok baja,

Your commited, but now find a boot fitter to help you with the fit.I don't tink this is something you can do entirely by yourself. Offer to pay a fee for the services, of giving you the best fit possible, otherwise your bargin boot is no bargin !
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I did it, all by myself too.

bought Salomon X wave 8, for 300 bucks.

Wanted to buy locally, but the very few ski outfitters in the flatland seem to have little or no incentive to reduce price, at all. They stuck too their guns of $450, so I elected to purchase from FrogTrader.com. Fast, efficient ordering, quick shipping ($9 for shipping, wow) and the boots are the same size I was going to buy at the store. BTW, I was prepared to pay 400 at the store.

I called the store to ask about the heat fitting and they said to do it at home, use a hair dryer, put them on, stand in a skiing position for about 15 minutes, and your done. If that procedure is sadly incorrect, it is precisely what the professional was going to do.

Personally, I have been skiing for many years, and never required the services of a premier fitter. What does a premier fitter do for the typical purchaser. I know when a boot hurts my foot. It is not rocket science people. I just wanted to be sure there was no real need for special equipment to activate the Thermic fit system.

As for Salomon, they should have some mention of the procedure in the documentation with the boot or on their web site.
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welcome baja,
do a search on footbeds or bootfitters. There has been a lot of discussion regarding fitting. Not only is it about comfort but also about performance of your boots and getting the most out of them. cold feet is also a symptom of poor fit.
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I sure wish I could use these boots more than I have in the last 10 years

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Congrats on remembering your password!

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thanks, now that you mentioned it, that was quite the accomplishment


I dont think this was the name of the forum when I was here the last time.  I hardly even remember posting the thread.  Unfortunately, I have not been on my skiis since Feb 2003, when my daughter was born.

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Saw some Solomon boots at the store yesterday where the shell can be shaped after being heated. This is very appealing to me as I have a very odd shaped foot, but I wonder how well it really works. Have always dreamed of having the bucks to have a custom made shell like the WC boys/girls.......

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Here is a link to the Surefoot website on these boots.



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Bit the bullet and just bought Fisher Soma Vaccuum boots with heat moldable shells. The Fisher fit my foot better than the Salomon boots. With vaccuum boots, they heat both the liner and shell, then put your feet in. You then stand on a machine that aligns your knees for any necessary canting. There is no canting adjustment, the boot molds to the correct cant. Then the boots are place in vaccuum bags while hot and the negative pressure forces the warm plastic against the shape of your foot and liner. I got a nice tight, but comfortable fit. The guy that fitted me, said they also use the Fisher vaccuum machine on the Salomon boots ( although they would be in trouble if Fisher knew ). Looking forward to trying them out in the next couple of weeks. If the fit is not good, then they can be remolded several times (or if they pack out in the future).




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