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hanging skis on the wall?

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I would like to store my skis by hanging them on the wall...why types of hooks does everyone use?
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There are a lot of choices.

In my garage, I took a 1x6 piece of scrap, drilled 3/8 inch holes and pounded 1/2 inch dowels into it. Each dowel was about 5 inches long.

Pay attention to spacing. I hang the skis between two dowels spaced about 3/4 inch apart. I space each pair of dowels far enough apart so that the bindings will not touch.

I share a locker at the ski area I work at. We purchased some prefabed units that took up very little space. That way, we can get a lot of skis in.
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isnt that bad for the tips
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Check out this thread:


It includes a picture of mine.
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^^That resembles it. It's made out of all wood. The bottom of the skis are maybe a foot off the ground. If you're worried about messing up the skis put the rack lower down so the ski bottoms rest on the ground and the rack just makes sure they don't fall left or right.
I'll try to post an actual picture if I can find one.
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I actually just hung a set of skis on my wall in my bedroom. My roomate had the cool idea of spliting them apart and mounting them on the wall as if they were skiing downhill. I used a rubber coated hook right below the bindings and a nail by the tip (nail has a bit of tape to prevent from scratching). It looks really great.
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