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I just stumbled across this great forum while researching skis and would really appreciate anyone's advice and feedback.

About me:

I am 26 yr old female, 125 pounds, 5"7 height, level 8-9, fairly aggressive on the slopes and am looking to upgrade from my old K2 Merlin IV's. I generally ski on the east coast and am looking for an all-mountain ski that can handle the hard snow and ice of Tremblant as well as bumps (where I spend half my day but not into parks) and steeps and the occasional day of powder.

I'm hoping to score a deal on a previous year model and visited a few local shops and so far I have been recommended:

Salomon Siam N10 158 cm (demo pair for $420 CAD)
Salomon Siam N10 166 cm (new pair for $400 CAD)
K2 Just Cause / One Luv 160 cm (mostly because of the wood core) ($375 CAD)
Rossignol B2 (Men's, not the B2W) 166 cm ($470 CAD)

My old K2's were 176 cm and I know I'll have to shorter but I'm confused by the different height advice : . Any thoughts? I haven't seen much info about the Siam's and would love to hear personal feedback or any other advice...