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You know it's getting bad when...

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At lunch today in the canteen, there were two Americans at the next table.
As I was enjoying my lunch, chatting to my colleagues, my ears picked up the following:
"I think it requires a wider turn"

I have NO idea what they were talking about, it wasn't skiing related - I very quickly tuned out again. But that one phrase, and I was suddenly thinking of skiing.

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You're not alone Fox.
My husband thinks I'm nuts, but I've got my juices flowing and ready, even though I know it will be 2 months before the blessed day.

And what are you whining about?
You've skied at least twice this summer at indoor sites for reviews!
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Snowing in the Rockies

Hey Trekgirl, not to rub it in but Steamboat recieved a fair amount of snow last weekend & it's snowing as we speak in Summit County. Loveland has officially fired up the snow guns as of last evening. Can't wait for that "ribbon of death".
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I "see" snow on 2000M mountains, in 95F and never, ever any chance of snow (Dominican Republic).

WTFH, we are all the same (Bears that is).
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Getting BAD

Fox and Trekchick, you must be contagious. Yesterday I drove up to Silver Valley and picked up my season pass, visited the ski shop, talked to the Mt. Mgr., took a look at the Mt., drove to Couerdalene and visited 2 ski shops and tried on some new boots. Last week bought some Bros and got some bindings for them. Came home a got on epic and just am ready to go. Must be catching.
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WTFH ... I'm in the same boat. My wife says the only thing I think about when I'm not skiing is when I'm going skiing.

We flew into SLC yesterday on the way home to Raleigh, NC and several Wasatch peaks had a nice layer of snow. It was crisp outside, and the only thing I could think about was coming back to SLC mid-December for a week long planned trip.
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You know it gets bad when you have your new skis in your bedroom next to your bed.
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Now that's called "having it bad"!
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I am thinking about skiing too much to post a coherent post on this thread.
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Extended weather reports, even the Farmer's Almanac indicate a robust winter here in the USA. I do catch myself staring at my skis leaning on the study wall.....and dream of the edges catching a hard, fast turn....
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