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May I go into a corner and cry?

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This morning, one of the partners in my firm sends this message out:
__________________________________________________ _________
"Subject: Late notice......Free (yes free!) ski weekend......first come first served

I have had to cancel a "ski clinic" for this coming weekend. There are 2 places going begging if I can notify the ski company as soon as possible today (to enable the names of the e-tickets to be changed)

The "ski clinic" is organised by Le Ski
Resort: Val D'Isere
Small groups for intensive tuition
Snow already OK in Val…but the fall back is the Tignes glacier
Flights: out on Swiss (formerly Swiss Air) LX353 from Heathrow at 0950 to Geneva on Thursday 27th November back on LX358 at 2000 (arrive 2050)"
__________________________________________________ ___________

This same weekend our department is going on its annual "away day" where we sit down and talk about strategy etc.

I cannot even pretend I am ill and go skiing instead! The partner in question supervises, amongst others, our department...

Hence the question in the title of this post

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Hey, partner!

I'm very tempted, but my company has just won a major contract based on me being available Wed-Fri this week.

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Cedric, I shall kep you company.
Two weeks ago it looked like the season was off to a good really early start.
Then, temperatures raised and it rained. Now even the regular season start is a question mark!
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Matteo, a friend is talking about going to Montgenevre around 12 Dec...any idea whether there is any snow there? (I know it's in France but flights are to Turin so it must be close to the Italian border)
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it's connected to the "milky way" (via latea), that includes Sestriere, and encompases some 400 km of slopes, although given the high number of t-bars i doubt you can ski a lot of it. the resort is not big, and set at 1850 m.Check the snow coverage as the area has been iffy, despite the altitude.
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Sorry Cedric, but at least you have people in your company that Ski!

This is quite the international thread, London, Italy, Israel. I am amazed at how far reaching our community is. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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wailing and nashing of teeth but suicide (even honorable) is out of the question. More snow days to come in the near future...enjoy.
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So Cedric and Fox Hat ... How realistic is a weekend getaway to European Skiing ? Reason I ask is that I'm working in London the week of 1/19 and a couple of days the folowing week in Manchester. Can I reasonable get a weekend in and still make work in Manchester Monday morning ? If not - ES Chapter meeting for those stuck in London that weekend ?

If so being a very solid skier, where would I go ?

Thanks in advance, Mal

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Ok You get no Sympathy from me zero zip nada. In Fact Thats what you get for haveing a real job! if you chucked it all and moved to a Ski Town you wouldn't be *itching now would you?

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It's possible, but expensive. The best way is to go out on the thursday night and back on the sunday night.
Alternatively, why not go to one of the indoor slopes - at Milton Keynes, Tamworth, or Castleford, and experience something different!

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Cedric - My heart goes out to you. I'm in roughly the same position for a a couple of weeks time. Free accom, free transfer, just need to buy my ski pass and a flight out to Geneva. But I've used my hols from work and all my spare cash on trips later on. The boys even tempted me with an interest free loan!
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Cedric, 1/19 is faaar away, and, since Montgenevre is France, thus on the "right" side they should be Ok (snow carrying clouds come mostly from West-North-East, depict the Alps as a semicircle, Italy is inside it, snow clouds dumps 97% of theyr payload outside the semicircle. By the time the clouds come to our side, they're spent. Only time we get really big dumps is because the Clouds are coming from the South-East or South-West, in a wide encircling tour, usually when this happens, there is no snow in Austria and France...or when the perturbations are really huge, thus crossing the Alps with still lots to dump, rememberthe satellite view of the alps of sometime ago that someone posted?)
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It may not be as bad as WTFH indicates.

Take a look at www.bmibaby.com for your return flight.
They do a flight out of Geneva at 15:15 on the Sunday, but on the Monday it's at 19:25 meaning you can ski virtually the whole Monday in places like Chamonix and still be home in Manchester for around 10pm. May be worth jigging your schedule. Alternativley look at flying in to Liverpool with www.easyjet.com. They do a 21:40 flight from Geneva on the Sunday that will see you in Liverpool for 22:40 (35 miles to Manchester so cheaper than your company driving you London-Manchester!) Current prices on that flight are 170CHf (about £80 one way)

We're doing a couple of trips from Manchester and are able to leave work at 13:00pm for a 15:55pm flight on a Friday, get 3 full days skiing and still make last orders back home on the Monday. For one weekend trip we got a promo on tickets and are paying just £19 return inc taxes! Usual prices booking ahead are closer to £75 return depending on demand.

Where in London are you working on the Friday? If you are in north London then there are several cheap carriers from either Stansted or Luton. e.g www.easyjet.com. Pretty much all of them sell one way flights so you could use bmibaby to fly back into Manchester or Easyjet who fly Geneva-Liverpool. This last option leaves you a 35 mile drive/train to Manchester.

Hope that helps.
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