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I have done the searches and may have asked once before but still would like some input from you experts.

47 years old skiing 35 years. 6ft 3 in 280 lbs. East coast, mostly groomed. Used to ski very well, fast, carved, GS turns on Dynastar Speed 66's 184 cm's

I have been intrigued with these skis and think I want a pair!

Last March I tore both my ACL & MCL. I had surgery April 13th. Rehab going well. I am planning on skiing opening day here around Thanksgiving if we are lucky. Have already paid for our passes. Knee is still tender in some positions but feeling better each week, but I am a little nervous.

I used to push myself to the limit and skied as fast as I could, never out of control just big sweeping turns.

I need to slow down a bit, loosen my DIN, relax, but still want to get out there and have fun. I was thinking of these skis, pre crash, and still think they will work for me. There is no way for me to demo a pair.

I believe I will still like big turns, won't ski in bumps, never really did, and hope to get out as much as I did years past. in a 178 these seem to have a medium to long radius and I think they will be well suited to me.

I see these at Sierra Trading for $539 w/bindings.

Any comments are appreciated.

Thanks CD.