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Women of Freeskier....

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Has anyone seen the pics from the recent issue? Wow hot!!
Moats, and Lynsey are amazing!!!
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bet they are posted over a TGR.. gotta go see.
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I think this thread got to 5 or 6 pages last year...We should probably just dig that one up, eh?

FWIW, the shots of Moats crouching are 3-4 years old at this point. Somebody started circulatiing the hi-res copies last year....
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The Charolotte Moats is Hot as Hell thread should be forgotten, and never mentioned again.
It went 11 pages, 311 posts and most of the worthy links don't work anymore. Besides, the women hyjacked the thread and posted the hottest men of skiing.
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Someone should probably scan a couple of the pics for those of us that don't get the mag.
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yes please!@! Dyer is in a bikini in two shots :
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has anyone scanned these?
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