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Are we there yet?

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I'm headed for Salt Lake City this winter and was trying to get a grip on driving and commuter times in the area (I've never been in the state before). Any who, to help me get some perspective on which end is up, maybe some of you familiar with the area could answer some simple questions
Just to get a perspective of the land, how far from Midvale to Sandy and how long a commute time? How about from Sandy to Snowbird, distance and commute time. What time of day do the rush hours exist (to be avoided, especially up to Snowbird / Alta).
What about from Midvale out to the Canyons?

This info should give me a pretty good grasp on the geography and drive times involved.

Thank's in advance for the help.
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Midvale to Sandy - 10 mins, at a guess
Sandy to Snowbird - 30 mins max.
Midvale to Canyons < 1 hour

(but I'll hopefully be corrected by locals)
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>What time of day do the rush hours exist (to be avoided, especially up to Snowbird / Alta).

No problems except for powder day, when the combo of snowy roads(if they are open) and locals coming out and anxious to hit the slopes early will tie things up. If you get to Snowbird at 8:30 it is usually fairly quiet on most days.
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Hey, Fox & Devotee
Thanks for the replys.
Just to fill in the blanks, how about Sandy up/out to Solitude ( that's out Big Cottonwood Canyon Rd., correct)?
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shorter than up LCC. probably 20-25 minutes.
Depends where you are in Sandy, and how many red lights you get...
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If you are in Sandy you need to allow yourself at least 30min. to get to Snowbird/Alta. We have never experienced that much traffic on the interstates/busy roads. It's nothing like it is in many large cities. Just be sure to give yourself at least half an hour for driving, 15 min. for prep.
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Once again, thanks
Wasatch, sounds like you know the area well.
The point is, I've got to locate housing for this season and don't like long commutes ( cost, time and inconvenience ). Would pay more (within reason) for housing to keep those factors to a min. Probably going to be working at SB/Alta and am understanding there isn't much / any housing close, like on the LCC rd.
Any tips / advice are welcome.
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